Published On : Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Motive yourself with self-made Quote Board… Here’s how you can make it!

Picture this! You start your day by reading a beautiful, motivational quote impressively displayed on the board hanging from the wall of your room! Researches have proved the effectivity of quotes and the role it plays in driving you smoothly through course of the day.

While we agree that every individual requires specific set of words to keep them in high spirits, here’s an interesting DIY (Do It Yourself). Get on board to try hands in making the lovely quote board, on which you can flash the words which can move you from within!

Here’s how you can get your customized quote board.

What you need?
Magnetic Letters
Gold or the color you want spray paints
White spray paint
Frame/ slate
Black permanent marker
Piece of sheet metal
Coloured card stock

How to do it?
1 Once you’ve decided the quote you’d like to use, decide which words you want in gold or white. Spray-paint the magnetic letters accordingly. Let dry fully.

2 Remove the glass and the mat from the frame.

3 Using the permanent marker, trace the outside of the mat onto the sheet metal; carefully cut it out with the tinsnips.

4 Using the pencil, trace the outside of the mat onto the card stock; cut it out with the scissors.

5 Layer the piece of card stock on top of the sheet metal; place both inside the frame with the card stock facing out. (Do not replace the glass or the mat when assembling.) Replace the frame’s backing and fasten.

6 Display the letters.