Published On : Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Dr. Nitesh Khonde on servical spondolytis treatment and on neck pain!!!

Dr. Nitesh Khonde on servical spondolytis treatment and on neck pain
Nagpur: We all are so much busy in our daily work routine that we completely neglect the pain of our body which is suffering through pain every day. In that, the most affected part of our body is our neck region mainly called as (Cervical Spondylosis). The impact of that, many times we come out feeling dizzy and we don’t even take it seriously at the primary stage. Which results in severe cervical spondolytis.

Dr. Nitesh Khonde shareing his case study……..
6-7 Years back a lady visited my hospital (Parijatak Ayurveda). Her age was 47. One of her close family members quoted her,about my Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment center which is at Nagpur, when she visited my hospital at that stage she was suffering from severe come over faint problems (चकर आना). She was even afraid of standing without any support, because of her fainting problem. Also, she added that there is always tingling sensation in her right hand, her back and neck use to pain a lot with weakness in her hands. All was the symptoms of CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS.

Later, I asked her about treatments she did before, she added that “Before 4-5 years she did CT scan, ECG test and many similar check-ups but all were normal “. In X-Ray they spotted the Cervical Spondylosis from that I told her to do MRI check up, in that report 5-6-7 internal spinal pressure was there in which 5th and 6th cervical vertebra and intervertebral spaces with spongy tissues were too compressed which compressing spinal cord passing through the orifices of a vertebra. From that, it all get cleared that the lady was suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. To treat the Spondylosis systematically I studied her case properly and started giving her treatment.

I told her that she will have to take Panchakarma treatment for 1 month along with Ayurvedic medicine.

At the 1st week of treatment, Our trained therapist of panchakarma treated her with Abhyangam and Sweden therapy along with these two therapies, I added Greeva Basti so that cervical spondylosis will cure faster. And it showed the results, because of Greeva Basti the swelling of neck started decreasing.

From 2nd week we started flowing different ayurvedic herbs oils on neck region. And applied the ayurvedic herbs paste on her neck region. Nasyam and Greeva Basti treatments were in continue. By the flow of medicine oil and regular massage, her neck started healing and getting Stronger.

From 3rd week we started treating her with Patra Pottli Massage. The left over pain and neck gap were filled out by Potli Massage Therapy by increasing blood flow to the affected neck region, by that the pressure on neck started decreasing which was due to Cervical Spondylosis.

From the 4th week of treatment again we continued giving Greeva Basti treatment along with Nasyam.

On 5th-week Njavarkizhi Treatment was started on her. From all those treatments her right-hand tingling problem was totally cured during the panchakarma treatment. And the elasticity of her neck was again back to normal and became strong.

Now she is totally Fit and Fine, although I suggest her whenever she visits during intervals of three months to take care of. But now they are totally fine and till now, no issues are there from them regarding the neck pain.

Dr Nitesh Khonde
Consultant and physician Kerala Ayurvedic Panchkarma

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