Published On : Sat, Jun 26th, 2021

Most disappointing restrictions order – NRHA

Local Administration had been issuing so many orders under the Epidemic Act and Disaster Management Act during this pandemic, however the one issued recently is the most disappointing one as it overruled its own order dated June 4 wherein the State Government had fixed a mechanism to evaluate critical position of the city and derive at a level to fix restrictions. Our case reflects that Nagpur deserves to remain in Level 1, however the present order has fixed us at Level 3.

Nagpur Residential Hotels Association (NRHA) is tired of mentioning every time that the situation of the hospitality sector is extremely weak and already on ventilator; with frequent changes and impractical working hours, the restaurant and banquets have suffered unimaginable loss. Now they are directed to close at 4 pm which is as good as to remain closed.

When the entire market is asked to close at 4 pm, restaurants & banquets should be permitted to work from 4 pm to 11 pm as we follow all necessary guidelines and protocols. More loss is caused when restaurants and banquets are also asked to remain closed on Saturday and Sunday. It becomes impossible to keep perishable products under cold storage or in the refrigerator every weekend.

Many bars and restaurants are suffering huge losses as they have paid annual excise licence fees and now they are feeling cheated. Even employees fear uncertainty as many had just returned for their jobs from their respective villages.

Tejinder Singh Renu – president and Deepak Khurana – secretary of NRHA appeals to the State Government and Administration to have a sympathetic approach over the hospitality sector. Many other states have given some reliefs to the hotels by either withdrawing complete property tax for the year or offering some rebate in such taxes. Instead of giving some relief, our State Government couldn’t even pass on the industry sector advantages to the Hotels as was announced in December 2020 which was to be made applicable from April 1.

NRHA fears that many hospitality establishments will be erased permanently as the State Government and the Administration is drastically failing in keeping a logical balance between health and economy. Unable to sustain such unproductive expenditure to manage such frequently changing restrictions, many will close permanently.