Published On : Wed, Jul 24th, 2019

Moment bungee jump rope breaks and sends man plunging to ground

Every teenager wants to try bungee jumping once in a lifetime. The adventure of finding oneself in between the air is so amazing which gives a sense of victory. A spine-chilling video of a man from Poland goes viral as he plunged 100-metres after his rope broke mid-air. The 39-year-old was filmed performing the terrifying jump at Rady Europy theme park in Gdynia, Poland, off a crane 100 metre-high crane.

The viral video shows the man falling and then landing on the safety cushion bed. That’s not all, he later bounces off onto the ground. The incident has left the man with multi-organ failures and a broken cervical spine.

The business of bungee jump is run by a company Bungeeclub for last 19 years. It’s their first accident since then. “As the only company organising Bungee jumping in Poland, we use a professional parachute – the so-called ‘skokochron pillows’. Skokochron is one of such safeguards and in this situation was the only effective security,” Bungeeclub said in a statement.

The police have investigated the accident and found a crack on the main bungee rope, however, it has yet not been established whether it was the direct cause of the accident. Police were also informed that the man was under the influence of alcohol at the moment of the jump.

There are several videos of bungee jumping available on social media. There are rare cases of an accident during this adventure sports, one cannot completely neglect the risk involved.