Published On : Fri, Oct 11th, 2019

Mohammed Shami and Ravindra Jadeja as Key Players in South Africa Test

They have been the key players in the South Africa test. Mohammed Shami and Ravindra Jadeja have been two great players as it says on stumped, who have helped India clinch the victory over South Africa.
On 6th October 2019, when India was playing against South Africa, Ravindra Jadeja was able to take 3 wickets after Mohammed Shami gave hope and early breakthrough to India. They played a great role in the victory of India against South Africa.

Their First Test
It was a moment of jubilation on Sunday 6th October 2019 during the final day of the very first Test where they were playing with South Africa. In this particular test, Shami and Jadeja took a total of 9 wickets which consequently led to their victory of 203 runs over their opponents.

In these nine wickets, Mohammed Shami returned 5 of them while Ravindra Jadeja took 4 of them. This helped the leading team, India get 40 points in the ongoing World Test Championship. Shami got Kagiso Rabada unaware for 18 to bring early jubilation in the pitch.

Although the background of their victory was laid by Rohit Sharma with his great innings in his role as a Test opener. His awesome knocks of around 176 and 127 gave a boost to Mayank Agarwal 215 runs to bring victory to India early enough.

In the morning sessions, Mohammed Shami literally sank the hopes of South Africans winning the game when he took 3 major wickets. In these 3 wickets, Shami never spared the one from Faf du Plessis, a renowned skipper of the South African ticket team.

Mohammed Shami continued to deliver great exploits and dominance over Temba Bavuma. The game is one of the games that had the highest number of sixes-37 from the 4 innings played. Rohit Sharma happened to be the man who was able to clinch the highest number of the sixes-13 which broke the record of Wasim Akram which was 12.

Brief History of Mohammed Shami
Shami is married to Hasin Jahan. Shami was born in September 1990 and has grown to become a renowned international cricketer in India playing for the national team. He is a fast bowler who uses his right hand to bowl at a speed of 87mph to around 90mph. He is also well-versed with reverse swinging.

He became well known in 2013 when they were playing against Pakistan. In January 2019, he was recognized as the fastest bowler in India. In June 2019, Shami played against Afghanistan which was in the world cup.

He got the victory for India making it the 50th time for India to win this world cup. He emerged the 4th cricketer in India to get the victory after Chetan, Kapil, and Kuldeep. Truly Mohammed Shami has hidden potentials that many fans of cricket in India are expecting him to unveil even in this second Test on 10th October.

Brief History of Ravindra Jadeja
This Indian cricketer was born on December 1988. He is a left-handed batsman and as a bowler he is left-handed. However, he is an all-round player. His last Test was on 2nd October when he was playing with South Africa.
His last ODI was in August 2019 when they were playing against West Indies. His last T20I was in September 2019 when playing against South Africa. Of course, this will keep changing as he continues to play more games.

Ravindra Jadeja is among the group of the Indian cricket team that won the 2008 world cup in Malaysia. In January 2017, Ravindra Jadeja became a renowned left-handed spinner in India dismissing Sam Billings. In March 2017, he was ranked as the top bowler across the globe dismissing Ravichandran Ashwin.

The Second Test
Mohammed Shami and Ravindra Jadeja are expected to perform better on the second test that will begin on 10th October 2019 in Pune. Every fan of cricket in Indian camp is optimistic that these two key players will again bring jubilation and joy into their hearts again.

The preparations are underway to ensure these two guys are in their proper form come the day of the competition. The only thing we can do is to wait and see what these players will do.