Modi means ‘Man Of Destruction,’ destroyed CBI: Yashwant Sinha

Drama is being enacted in CBI to escape probe into Rafale deal, says BJP leader

Nagpur: Launching a scathing attack on Central Government, the former Finance Minister and BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Wednesday called the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Man of Destruction.’ “Modi means Man of Destruction. The Prime Minister has turned the nation into a banana republic. There is no rule of law.

The Prime Minister or Cabinet cannot remove CBI chief. The CBI Director is appointed by a high-powered committee comprising Chief Justice of Supreme Court, the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition. The Government has finished the Central Bureau of Investigation, premier investigation agency in the country,” Sinha said and added the entire drama is being enacted with focus on Rafale deal probe.

The BJP leader was interacting with media persons at a press conference held at Patrakar Bhavan on Wednesday. BJP MP and Bollywood star Shatrughan Sinha and Ashish Deshmukh, who recently quit BJP and joined Congress, were also present at the press meet.

“According to provisions of Constitution, the tenure of CBI Director is fixed and secure. The CBI chief comes under Lokpal. The powers to remove a person holding this post rest with the committee. Hence removing the CBI Director is unconstitutional. The Modi Government was angry with the CBI Director for probe into the Rafale deal. To settle the score, action was taken against the CBI chief. He has been forcibly sent on leave,” Sinha charged.

“There is anarchy in the country. The power and authority resting with only one person is perilous for democracy. But exactly the same is happening. All powers are with Modi. Everybody knows what Modi means. Modi means ‘Man of destruction.’ The CBI Director was initiating a probe into Rafale deal. Therte was possibility that he could have filed FIR in the deal. Rafale deal is directly connected to the Prime Minister.

Arun Shaurie along with Adv Prashant Bhushan had met CBI chief Alok Verma and demanded probe into the deal. Subsequently, Verma had summoned Defence Ministry officials for confirmation of documents submitted by Shaurie and Adv Bhushan. The Government was angry with Verma for allotting time to them. Moreover, the AAP MP Sanjay Singh too had written a letter to CVC and demanded probe. The CVC in turn had recommended CBI probe.

Sending CBI chief on forced leave is like punishment. The SP of CBI who had filed FIR against Asthana, a Modi man, was transferred to Andaman and Nicobar. In Verma’s place, the tainted Nageshawara Rao was appointed the CBI Director sideling claims of other experienced officials. Now, since the matter is in Supreme Court, let us see what happens,” Sinha said.

According to the former Finance Minister, the entire Government has been embroiled in the controversial Rafale deal and the people running the government can stoop to any level to save their skin. “The drama being enacted is how to save themselves. The government might have got a hint that the CBI Director may file a case against some people holding high posts in the government. The current situation in the country was not even witnessed during Emergency. This is an unprecedented development of sorts. Everybody knows Asthana is whose man. A trap was laid to remove Alok Verma. Verma was made a scapegoat for corruption charges levelled against Rakesh Asthana, the CBI Special Director. However, the government has failed in its plot. People of the country are watching this and they will give reply at right time. But the image of CBI, known for its impartial investigations, has been dented,” Sinha lamented.

This Govt is revenge happy: Shatrughan Sinha
BJP MP and Bollywood star Shatrughan Sinha who was accompanying Yashwant Sinha and was present at the press meet said that voice must be raised against the wrong things for saving democracy. “We are making efforts. Our efforts are fraught with dangers. This government is revenge taking government. Danger lies in personal level. India is democratic country and run by Constitution. Shortcomings are there. But we are trying to remove these shortcomings,” fiery leader said.

Rafale deal is biggest scam: Sanjay Singh
The Rajya Sabha member of Aam Admi Party (AAP) Sanjay Singh termed the Rafale deal as the biggest scam in the history of the country. All the relevant proofs are available of this scam. The focal points of this scam are former President of France, Prime Minister Modi and Anil Ambani. Rakesh Asthana is Gujarat cadre IPS officer. He had saved Modi in Godhra case. In turn, Asthana was brought to CBI. Now, entire game is being played through Asthana. Asthana has links with meat businessman Moin Qureshi. The evidence of talks between Asthana and Qureshi is in call records and WhatsApp. Bribe was paid through a person named Manoj Prasad from Dubai. The SP of CBI Devender Kumar is also involved in the bribe case, Sanjay Singh charged.