Published On : Mon, Jun 24th, 2013
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MLA Kumbhare, “harassed” citizens storm Spanco HQ, smash property worth lakhs

Nagpur News: The Central Nagpur MLA Vikas Kumbhare of BJP, along with hundreds of “harassed” citizens from Mominpura, Mahal and Timki stormed the Spanco HQ in Civil Lines in order to resolving their problems. However, after finding no higher official, The MLA and the “harassed” citizens resorted to violence and damaged whatever they could touch in a massive way.

According to MLA Vikas Kumbhare, the Director of Spanco Sunil Khurana had given an appointment to him and the citizens for resolving various problems faced by them on electricity front. Kumbhare said the citizens were put to in a harassment sort of situations by the insensitive Spanco officials by various means. However, after reaching the Spanco HQ in Civil Lines, Kumbhare and the citizens found Khurana and other higher ups “vanished.” The “vanishing trick” by Khurana and other top officials left Kumbhare and the “harassed” citizens red-faced. The absence of top Spanco officials worked as fuel to the already boiling Kumbhare and the citizens. The result was an intense violence and  damage to property of the Spanco HQ office.

Kumbhare elaborated that during MSEDCL regime those consumers who were getting power bills amounting to Rs 600 and other varying figures, the same consumers have now been receiving bills more than ten times like 6000. And the situation is across the Nagpur. The Spanco’s irresponsible and insensitive handling of the issue has left thousands of consumers with killing anguish. Moreover, the Spanco officials or other employees behave indecently whenever approached by the citizens for resolving their complaints. If the bills are not paid, within hours the Spanco staff cut the connections pushing citizens to hell of a situation., Kumbhare stated.

Moreover, Kumbhare said, the power meters installed by Spanco, swing at least by 40 per cent more thus increasing the bill amount by 40 per cent more than the actual amount. Kumbhare warned that if the installation of new meters is not carried out by Spanco within 8 days, the Spanco will face the consequences of dire proportions.

On the other hand, the PRO of Spanco, Anup Pathak said the Spanco has suffered a loss but after inspecting the entire damage, the company would initiate further steps.

Police have filed offences under Sections 143, 147 of IPC and other sections of Public Property Protection Act. The police said the Spanco has told them of figure of loss as Rs 4-5 lakh. They are investigating the matter after the necessary formalities as the case concerns to an MLA.