Published On : Thu, Jul 10th, 2014

Mixed reactions over demolition of Nagpur’s post-Independence landmark ‘Jai Stambh’

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The iconic landmark, reminiscent of country’s Independence in Nagpur, famously known as Jai Stambh will remain buried in the past from now onwards. The demolition drive to enable smooth traffic took away the glorious structure from the landscapes of this city. Some citizens believe it was the need of the hour as the cluttered traffic movement at this junction had already made the life hell for them. But for some, particularly the commuters through this route, it was an emotional moment as they were used to seeing this erection which according to them carried the old world charm.

Said Rakesh Tiwari, “I used to tell my kids what it stands for…But the so called glory is erased from the pages of present and now nothing is there to recall the moment here when country was set free from the shackles of slavery.”

Sadaram Bhole, who works at Divisional Railway Manager’s office near this demolished structure said, “We sipped our morning tea with a routine gaze at Jai Stambh. But now the structure is gone. At the same time we need to understand that this was the necessity to make out city mobile.”

Tejinder Singh Renu, Secretary, Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA) however shared some practical notes over this. “When we talk about developing city’s infrastructure then emotions have to be kept aside. Anything like this constructed in the middle of the road certainly hampers the smooth flow of ever rising city traffic. Not only Jai Stambh, even if any religious structure turns hurdle in the way of development then it should be removed.”

IMG_0739In the past, Renu had owned up the maintenance of Jai Stambh for two years through his association. At that time fountains were also put up at this landmark, but it stopped working later and could not be repaired owing the congestion of traffic at this patch.

Renu informed he had also submitted a comprehensive plan for the development of this area. He believe that just demolishing this structure will not help, NMC should adopt a holistic approach to come up with what is beneficial.

The new Jai Stambh is proposed near abandoned Ocroi post near Army Recruitment Centre. The NMC’s General Body had approved the proposal.

IMG_0736Renu supported the choice of place for new erection as he believed there would be enough space for beautification and relive the charm in an altogether new way.

Meanwhile, NMC has promised to shift and beautify the Jaistambh. The civic officials were of the view that once Ram Jhula is opened for traffic, the present location of Jai Stambh would have created traffic bottleneck and new location will have much better space for this monument.

Jaistambh was constructed post-independence and soon become one of the major square due to its strategic location near Railway Station, Kingsway and road leading to Central Avenue.

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