Published On : Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

Mixed reactions of University students toward postponement

Nagpur News:  While students awaiting their revaluation results have been running from pillar to post for updates and return of their answer sheets all day today, others have been celebrating the sudden relief.

“Those of us who were feeling unprepared the night before the exam were really happy with the news. We’ve been out watching movies and celebrating today,” gushed a Final Year Electronics and Telecommunication student, “For the students who have revaluation problems, of course, it’s a blessing. The only saddening thing is that we might just have to spend our Christmas and New Year in the hostel, thanks to the new dates”.

“I wasn’twell- prepared, so I was initially relieved”, her classmate added, “But I later realised that weeks of preparation have now been wasted. Diwali or Christmas is not an issue; we would have had fun in our hostel just as well”.

Others are not that happy. “It was very insensitive of the University to change the date at the last minute”, a Mechanical Engineering student told Nagpur Today, “I understand that thousands of students were in need of it; it is the University’s fault, not theirs. This step should have been taken much earlier, instead of being sprung upon the students at the last minute”.

Yet others are concerned and cynical about the fate of their fellow students. “I have seen my friends, senior and junior, lose academic years and lose their careers through my years as a Nagpur University student. This University has given us nothing over the years, and I don’t expect it to anymore”, a Final Year student said, “I can only hope that things will be a little different this time. So far, however, the postponement of dates has only succeeded in disturbing the general planning and examination mentality of the students. The seriousness is gone now. Everyone will celebrate Diwali, and the exams in December will come as a sudden jolt again”.