Published On : Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

Missing minor girl from Shradhanand Anathalaya reunited with parents

Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as sheer good news, the missing girl from from Shradhanand Anathalaya is finally reunited with her parents.

The minor girl from Shradhanand Anathalaya was reportedly missing on March 30, 2016. Based on the directives of the Supreme Court, Pratap Nagar Police had registered a case of kidnapping against unidentified accused and a search a massive search was launched by the cops to trace the girl.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Administrator of Shradhanand Anathalaya Gawande said that this 12-year old girl was brought to Shradhanand Anathalaya by the Police on October 21, 2014. She was found on Platform No-1 of Nagpur Railway Station. On being questioned she had said that she had ran away from her house in Bhopal.

Administrator Gawande went on to claim that all the telephone numbers and the mobile numbers had proved to be false and belonging to others and not anyone related to her. Even the address that she said proved to be wrong. The Authorities of Shradhanand Anathalaya had contacted the Childline who were trying to trace her address.

On March 30, 2016, the Administrator of Shradhanand Anathalaya Gawande received news that the girl is safe and is presently at Balika Gruha in Bhopal. The girl had allegedly ran away from the Shradhanand Anathalaya and climbing a train reached Bareli Police Station in Bhopal. The Bareli Police contacted the number which she provided (this time the number was right) and her parents and maternal Grandmother had visited the girl in the police station. Bhopal Police have since relayed the news of the girl being reunited with her parents to Child-line, Bhopal who in-turn informed the Child-line Nagpur and finally the news reached Shradhanand Anathalaya too.

However, there are some things that do not tally. Why was the girl giving all wrong telephone numbers and mobile numbers to the authorities of Shradhanand Anathalaya, while she gave the right number to Bareli Police who were questioning her?

How did she manage to run away from the Shradhanand Anathalaya, get into the right train and reach Bhopal and reach the police station that was close to her home? 

While speaking to Nagpur Today In-Charge of Rana Pratap Police Station Shivaji Gaikwad said that they did receive an oral intimation about the girl being found by Bhopal Police. He added that since the case is registered in Nagpur in their Rana Pratap Police Station, a team will be dispatched to Bhopal and the girl will be brought back to Nagpur along with her parents and only then will the case be closed.