Published On : Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

The Qawwali song that brilliantly sums up Vijay Mallya’s current situation

Vijay Mallya's Qawwali Song
Everyone knows who Vijay Mallya is. He’s the supposed king of good times. He’s the rich famous guy you want to be: Always partying with models on cruise ships and just making everyone around him jealous of his lifestyle. That is a lifestyle that comes with a cost though, and sadly, Mallya had to pay for it.

From defaulting on the salaries of Kingfisher Airlines employees, to having shady deals with banks all over the country, Mallya has done it all. Recently his secret dealings came under the public eye and now the whole world knows that he is in a debt of a mind-blowing sum of more than Rs 9000 Crores.

‘S&G Comedy’ created a Qawwali news report on the whole Vijay Mallya situation and it is hilarious. Watch these Qawwali singers parody “purdah hai purdah” as they shred Mallya’s grand lifestyle to bits and give you a tune you can hum at the same time.