Published On : Fri, Jul 18th, 2014

Minor girls forced into prostitution rescued from Ganga Jamuna

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Nagpur News

How inhuman can the lechers be? How low can the men who lust for young girls stoop, is evident when during a raid conducted by the Social Security Branch (SSB) of Nagpur Police at Ganga Jamuna on July 18, 2014, the cops rescued 19 girls.
One look at these girls who were rescued during the raid will put any person to shame. Girls who are as young as 7 to 10 years of age are forced into the age old profession of prostitution. These girls have been pushed under duress to perform such horrid, demeaning lustful acts to earn their livelihood. During initial questioning, these girls confessed to have performed lecherous acts to please customers in the ill-reputed lanes of Ganga Jamuna.

Minor girls convinced to consider this as ancestral profession
What is surprising is that these girls stated that they do this profession on their own accord since they are led to believe that this is their ancestral profession and they have to do it to earn their livelihood. The four accused women who were arrested identified as Sapna Balmalsingh Gual aged 30 years, Vinita Aiya Kalkhor aged 30 years, Ranjeeta Ved Kalkhor aged 30 years and Laxmi Pappu Karmawat aged 32 years were the women who have somehow convinced and forced these girls to adopt the age old profession as their sole source of livelihood. These women offenders had an ulterior motive of making money by pimping through these minor girls.

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The Crime Branch had received a tip that minor girls are forced into prostitution in Ganga Jamuna area. Based on this secret tip, the crime branch personnel raided the Ganga Jamuna area and rescued these 19 girls. Even the cops got startled at seeing the minor girls of 7-10 years. Of the total 19 girls, 11 girls are said to minors. During the raid, two men who prefer to have sex with minors were also arrested. They were identified as Akash Ramesh Purohit aged 26 years and Adarsh Prabhudayal Chaturvedi aged 37 years.

The entire operation (raid) was conducted under the guidance of DCP Crime Sunil Kohle and ACP Nilesh Raut, under the leadership of Sr PI B M Powar, PSI Gorade, ASI Patil, ASI Jaipurkar, PSI Kohle, Sr Constable Madne, Hawaldars Pandurang, Sanjay, Neelkant, Tolaram, Jeevan, Raju, Anil and others.

Prior cases present against these girls
While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, PI Pawar of the Crime Branch said that these girls were apprehended earlier too. What is surprising is that one can judge as to what age, would these girls have been introduced in this profession? They have somehow accepted their ill-fate and have deemed this as their profession. One more startling fact that has come to fore is how did they manage to escape from the remand homes? Even the cops are wondering how to prevent these girls from entering the profession again and again.