Published On : Fri, Jul 18th, 2014

Former AICC secretary from Nagpur under IB scanner; may lose ticket for assembly polls

If given ticket to contest from city, party may lose the little faith and trust of the citizens

exposeNagpur News: A former General Secretary of All India Congress Committee, who also served as Maharashtra’s Animal Husbandry minister may lose out on opportunity to contest assembly polls in view of pending investigation against him by a government agency regarding misappropriation of public funds. The concerned leader, who contested from West Nagpur Constituency during last elections, had faced a debacle which has only compounded his problem.
The situation has led the Congress high command to search for an alternate to contest from Central Nagpur. The Congress party had already declared that they will not give tickets to corrupt and tainted aspirants. Sources said that the name of one more corrupt aspirant of Nagpur District may also get deleted from the proposed list of candidates.
However, if both these leaders are given the ticket to contest in the Vidhan Sabha elections, whatever little trust and faith that the citizens have on Congress party will also certainly vanish.

हिंदी मे यह न्यूज़ पढ़ने  के लिय यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Another party leader instigated inquiry?
According to sources, a top official of the Intelligence Bureau has arrived to the city last month to investigate on the financial irregularities of the former State Minister. The IB official is said to have visited one of the Congress leader who happened to be a Minister in State Government and allegedly believed to be the rival of the said corrupt State minister. The official had gathered a lot of information about the said tainted minister. Not only did the other Congress leaders provide all information but had also called the then City Chief of Congress party to his house to provide additional information about the tainted minister. Not only that the Congress leader is believed to have provided the names and telephone numbers of all his opponents and it also reportedly advised them to investigate them too.

हिंदी मे यह न्यूज़ पढ़ने  के लिय यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Did BJP support Cong leader to win polls?
During the last Vidhan Sabha elections, RSS is supposed to have pressurized BJP to somehow ensure that they capture the Central Nagpur seat. Therefore, the leader who is supposed to be close to the Congress party had informed the then candidate of Congress party that this time (during last Vidhan Sabha Polls) he would not be able to support them in their winning the seat.

This supposed Congress candidate said to have left his old constituency and intends to contest the polls from the Central Nagpur seat with the help of Ahmed Patel from Delhi and another powerful BJP leader. It is said that whenever the said leader has contested the polls from Central Nagpur seat, the said BJP leader has provided all kinds of help and has resulted in him winning the polls. However when this leader contested the polls from West Nagpur instead of Central Nagpur, the BJP leader is said to have helped him, but the unity of Dalit and Kunbi voters led to his debacle. This time round, the very resourceful BJP leader is believed to supporting this congress leader.
Finer points on investigation

Presently there is an investigation on this Congress Leader under charges of money laundering through international channels. He had allegedly brought the money through some Trust. This money was invested through SEBI. As soon as the Intelligence Bureau got wind of this they had started the investigations. Apart from this there are other charges against this said Minister. Sources said that when he was in-charge of Himachal Pradesh on behalf of AICC, he had allegedly made very objectionable demands from the activists and office-bearers of Congress party in Himachal Pradesh. Both the issues were brought to the notice of Rahul Gandhi who immediately took action and removed him from the position and all responsibilities.

Sources said that the issue was not yet over. This will probably result in him not getting ticket this time, since Congress party had always been wary of giving tickets to tainted ministers.

However, the said Congress leader is doing everything including using his good offices with Congress Advisor to get the ticket to contest from Central Nagpur. It remains to be seen if Congress practices what it preaches.
Sources added that IB was initially reluctant to undertake the investigations, since they presumed this to be initiated as result of political vendetta, Inter-party-rivalry or some other motive. They added that this investigation was carried about 5-6 months ago. This is brought to light to mar the chances of Congress leader getting a ticket.