Published On : Sat, Apr 11th, 2015

Mimoh Chakraborty & Evelyn Sharma enthrall the city with their visit during ‘Ishqdaariyan’ movie promotion


Nagpur Today: On their visit to Nagpur, bollywood stars Mimoh Chakraborty & Evelyn Sharma emote the experience they had during the movie making of their upcoming flick ‘ISHQEDAARIYAAN’, at press conferences held at various places in Nagpur.

ISHQEDAARIYAAN is a story about love, sacrifice, family values and relationships, they say. RISHTEDARRIYAAN means relationships and ISHQEDAARIYAAN means relationship when you fall in love!

The story highlights love of Agam Diwan (Mahaakshay) for his father and profession, his commitment towards his work, which has made him one of the richest Indians. He lives in US and has been buying companies all over the world.

IMG_0127Agam does not believe in his personal publicity and follows the mantra “work hard and people will know you”. Kaaya, a journalist, wants his interview and has been working on the getting to know more about him. In this journey she gets to know something which totally changes the perception about AGAM DIWAN for her.

Having told about his past vaguely, Agam walks away, but Kaaya’s curiosity about Agam’s past life makes her travel all the way to Himachal Pradesh (India), to find the real story of Agam, along with Rahul, Agam’s Manager.

Here comes into picture the stunning Evelyn. Agam, through Rahul, comes to know that Luvleen (EVELYN SHARMA) is running a school in Himachal and she along with her Dadi (Suhasini Mulay) are the only two survivors in the family.

Luvleen is going through tough times in life. Knowing the very fact, Agam is here to talk to her and give her half of his wealth, as he had decided since the beginning, to give half his wealth to the survivors of his family.

When they meet she misunderstands Agam for a new teacher and Agam, being stands speechless after meeting Luvleen, as he is totally struck with the simple beauty. He takes on a fake identity which Luvleen wants to see and does not reveal the real reason for the meeting and decides to know her better!

During this journey, he gets her funds to run the school and ultimately falls in love with Luvleen and one fine day asks her, about what she ultimately desires in life, expecting an answer as Money or may be Agam!

But Luvleen asks for ‘Arjun’, essayed by Mohit, the second character!

IMG_0147Now who is Mohit really? And will Agam be able to make Luvleen a part of his life. Will Agam be happy to sacrifice he has made towards the girl he fell in love with? Will Luvleen find out about the feelings that Agam has for her? Will all this make ISHQEDARRIYAAN (Relationship in love) a better relationship than RISHTEDARRIYAAN? All of these form the crux of the story.

Nagpur City seemed to love the presence of stunning Evelyn during the movie promotions. The marketing and promotions of ‘Ishqdaariyan’ was handled by Sanjay Kukreja of Balaji Entertainments. Nagpurites, being overwhelmed by the presence of the stars, showed their humble support for the movie.