Published On : Sat, Apr 11th, 2015

Green Vigil Foundation enters World Records India, 2015

GREEN-VIGIL-2Green Vigil Foundation, working in the domain of environmental sustainability, has been conferred with World Records India & World Amazing Records, 2015 for achieving extensive community participation in initiatives that span critical environmental issues including climate change, water & food security, ecosystem degradation, biodiversity loss & sustainable use of natural resources.

The award acknowledges the significant contribution by Green Vigil in implementing more than a hundred campaigns that directly engaged above 250000 citizens in programs on environmental awareness and education, lake and river rejuvenation, adoption of green living practices, health & hygiene and climate change.

Dr. Kavita Rattan, Founder President, Green Vigil, stated that the Foundation plans to extend its programs to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable future on the planet.