Published On : Sat, Dec 5th, 2015

Metro will change the way we look at our city says Brajesh Dixit MD of Nagpur Metro

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” The metro coming from Hingna and going over Ambazari lake will be elevated to a height of 70 to 80 meters over the lake. Imagine the view of the garden and the waters from that bird’s eye view! But naturally we will ensure that the view is most beautiful possible and so we will take initiative in beautifying all such places… our metro stations themselves will be very artful and aesthetically designed”. Brajesh Dixit M.D. of Nagpur Metro was addressing the elite audience of the city at VED office in Nagpur today.

He called the meet a ” Metro samwad” – discussion about every aspect of the metro project of Nagpur. He said he has been having a number of such meets and wants to incorporate all suggestions possible that he gets through them.

We shall not go into the technical aspects of the Metro in this report since they are available on their website presented in a very thorough manner.


What was interesting was the spirited defense Mr. Dixit put up of every question doubting the financial feasibility and the very need of the metro in Nagpur. He did such a thorough job that even the most sceptical listener was convinced that metro was going to be a God sent for the city.

ved confe (1)He emphasized that metro was meant for the middle class and the lower middle class person who now travels by his two wheeler and is most susceptible to road accidents and pollution and heat of Nagpur summers.

The fare will be between Rs. 9/ minimum to Rs. 40/ per ride and they expect 3.50.000 commuters to start using it daily.

The metros, in the first phase, will travel in two corridors North – South and East – West and will be built over the existing National highways that traverse the city. This way normal life will be disturbed the least.

Answering a question Brajesh Dixit replied that during construction phase traffic diversion plans will be put in place closely monitored through CCTV cameras. In case of any crisis or bottle neck, immediate help will be rendered.

The Railway-man Dixit is full of enthusiasm for the ‘New metro city Nagpur’. We wish him the best!