Published On : Fri, May 30th, 2014

Mass copying at Yashwantrao Chavan Open Varsity’s B.Com exam at invigilator’s behest

Nagpur News.

In one of the worst cases of adopting unfair means during academic examinations, large number of students who appeared for B.Com final year exam conducted by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, at St. Ursula Girls High School on Monday, were on their own indulging in mass copying, cheating and resorting to whatever means they could, to fill the answer sheets. Ironically, the invigilators at the exam hall also supported the students in copying the notes. A student who appeared for the examination also named one of the invigilators as Subhash Manohar Sutar, resident of New Balaji Nagar at Manewada here.

Nagpur Today was alerted by an advocate Jasmeet Dadiala who reached the school as she came to know about the incident from one of her acquaintance student. Talking to Nagpur Today, Jasmeet said, “Large number of chits and bits of photocopied papers were scattered outside the examination hall near its windows. Nobody at the school was willing to cooperate in this regard.”

One of the students said the invigilator Subhash Sutar not only supported the mass cheating among the students but also alerted them when the head from the University appeared for a brief visit.

Chits found near the window at the exam centre.

Chits found near the window at the exam centre.

Morever, some of the students who were unwilling to resort to unfair means remained the most troubled lot. The cheating students insisted them to shift their desks so that they can form the group and share the notes openly. The ones who did not relent were bullied by the fellow students. “The innocent students had to face lewd remarks. The cheating students shook their desks to cause inconvenience to them,” said Jasmeet.

“The scene in the exam hall was horrible. As if nobody was there to check them, there was a state of complete chaos. The students were copying from all possible means while Sutar stood guard to alert for any hurdle. He (Sutar) also asked the students to hide their cheating materials when the incharge came in for a check. Once the incharge had left, the students resumed their way,” informed a student who wish not to be named.

Jasmeet added, “I was taken aback on hearing that the invigilator was well aware of all the happenings in the classroom and he was also supporting them. Where the universities assign the responsibility to the invigilators to keep a stern check on these practices for a fair examination, it is a shameful sight when they are playing their roles by aiding cheating and malpractices.”

She also tried to communicate the exam incharge Chetan but he was not willing to take an action on the same neither was he willing to give the name of the invigilator.

“However we could manage get the invigilators name, representing myself as an advocate for the student,” she added

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