Published On : Sat, Feb 1st, 2014

Marathi movie “Prem Pahila Vahila” to hit theaters across Maharashtra on Feb 7

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A Love Story that was created by youth, depicting the youthful innocence and the emotion which a young boy and girl go through depicted in the movie Prem Pahila Vahila is to be launched across Maharashtra for the first time.

The Movie Prem Pahila Vahila is produced by Production House Maoli Motion

While speaking to the media the producer of the movie Sameer Athaley said that the movie is a gradually evolving, developing Love story. The Hero said that this movie is a new trend that they are trying to establish in Marathi movies.

The movie produced jointly by Anvit Consultancy, Amit Hukerikar of Yashashri Pictures and Machindra Shinde addressed the press meet held in the city on February 1, 2014.

The Actor Sanjay Shejwal and Actress Disha Pardesi were in the city along with the Public Relations Officer of Maoli Motion Pictures Sameer Athale to brief the press in a pre-launch meet in the city on February 1, 2014.

While explaining about the nuances of the film, the lead Actor Sanjay Shejwal said  that unlike the usual Marathi movies, this is the first time that they have tried to add a glamour quotient to the movie while retaining some of the innocence, genuiness of the inter-personal relationship of the boy and the girl who fall in love with each other. Both the actors depicted in the movie as having different life styles, different standard of living but yet they come together, fall in love.

Sometimes there is happiness and then sometimes it is a sad life. On some occasions we weep and then we smile. Every individual’s life is different and his way of living is also different. But one common thing is the first love in spite of all the differences. The innocence of first love can be experienced by one and all alike. The beating of heart, exchanging glances, finding similar wavelength and the first soft, loving touch…..this is the story of Prem Pahila Vahila. This is the story of Radha and Rahul. They meet at a dance competition. Rahul likes her happy go lucky approach. Rahul who has never talked to any girl, starts conversation with her.  And the story develops and moves on. There are three songs in the movie.


The dialogues are said to be easy to understand and incorporating the day to day lingo to ensure the vicarious pleasure of the audience. The actors have attempted to emote and depict the pleasure-pain feeling that a young lover goes through before being accepted as a lover. The Actor also claimed that not once did the actor or the actress touch each other throughout the movie. The hero is depicted as a day to day usual common guy while the heroine is depicted as a bubbly and cheerful girl full of life. The journey and the pangs of love is said to be depicted in the movie beautifully.

Both the actors claimed that the young boys and girls will definitely feel that this was or is going to be what he or she would have said or will say to his or her lover.

The Hero while answering about the theme not being supported or okayed by most Maharashtrian families, he said that just because it is not an accepted concept, does anyone fail to fall in love? They in turn claimed that they depicted a role in which they were within their limits.

The entire shooting was done in the wonderful locations of Kolhapur. The movie is two hours and ten minutes.

While this was the first movie for the Heroine Disha Pardesi, the Hero Sanjay Shejwal had experience and success of many Marathi Plays, TV Serials and Movies. Disha Pardeshi is a model and prefers her modeling career to movies. However she did say that given a good story, good support (like the one which she received during the shooting of Prem Pahila Vahila), she will definitely do it. While expressing her thoughts and message to the young gals aspiring to get into the movie scene, she said don’t compromise or do something wrong to get a role or an opportunity. One always repents of having done that throughout his or her life.

The Hero Sanjay Shejwal said that he is confident that the movie will definitely do well in the city and also in other cities.