Managalwari and Aashinagar both zones pass the buck, NMC a mute spectator

Nagpur: For election the adjustments are made according to political convenience but when it comes to giving service to areas the Nagpur Municipal Corporation authorities shirks its responsibility. Same has happened with area on Koradi road and after the Itarsi railway line and before Koradi octroi check post on the left side. This area is neither in the Mangalwari zone nor the Aashinagar zone but just dangling in between. The citizens of this area are paying property tax but they are not being provided the basic facilities. When the matter came to NMC administration it pointed finger at the two zones who point fingers at each other and tried to shirk off the work.

Before the NMC election the area was under Prabhag 1. But during the last election to adjust the political equation this area was joint with Prabhag 11 . But soon after the election both the zone stopped giving service to this area.

Today the problem is that the illegal slum here here have regular water, Sulabha toilets, electricity, roads and there drainage water is left in the nullah which causing a problem for the people in the area as it is an open invitation for diseases and is emitting obnoxious smell.

The residents here have given several memorandums to the Mangalwari zone but still no steps have been taken to pick up the garbage daily or make arrangement for waste water management. Neither the Zonal Health Officers nor employees visit this place and solve the problem.

Due to the stagnant water there is every possibility of Malaria and Filaria spreading in the area. Neither the stagnant water has been sprayed nor has the fogging machine come. The hand fogging machine is brought. The employees who had come for fogging were allegedly beaten by the owners of animals for spraying, people also got irritated because of the noise pollution. In all this machine was damaged and persons were beaten. The garbage pickers instead of giving service in the city area are found serving in rural area as they have full support of NMC, it is alleged. Though people of this area are paying property tax yet no service is given to them..

If the sweeper have this attitude and leaving the places unclean then it is sure that the NMC will lag behind in the clean India movement and the sweepers will be blacklisted.