Published On : Wed, Oct 21st, 2020

Man tries to kill toddler son over feud with wife in Ajni

Nagpur: In a shocking incident, a man not only tried to throw his wife out of house but also attempted to kill his toddler son over a domestic feud in Ajni police area on Sunday night. The accused husband and other relative have been booked but no arrest has been made in the case so far.

According to police, the 30-year-old woman lodged a complaint stating that she and her two and half year old son were at home in Ajni area around 10.30 pm on Sunday. During the same time, her husband Pankaj Khandekar (30) and brother-in-law Jitendra Khandekar (38) tried to throw her out of the house. But she resisted and went to the bedroom and sat on the bed along with her son. Enraged by this, the accusedPankaj Khandekar tried to kill her toddler son by strangulating him. On the other hand, the accused Jitendra Khandekar indulged in vulgar acts and molested her on the bed. The victim woman further told police that she is being tormented physically and mentally by her in-laws.

Sources informed that due to domestic feud, the woman had left husband’s home in 2017 and had gone to her parents; house. In the meantime, a settlement was reached and the woman returned home on October 10. But a few days after, the dispute continued to rage. The accused Pankaj Khandekar and Jitendra Khandekar on Sunday tried to throw the woman out of the house and also attempted to kill her son.