Published On : Mon, Jul 4th, 2016

Man steals money from a temple at Tukdoji Square, caught

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A 32-year old man was chased and caught while fleeing with the donation money of a temple situated just beside the busy Tukdoji Statue on Sunday afternoon. The thief was later handed over to police.

The accused Naresh alias Narendra Babulal Kariya (32), resident of Akash Nagar, Manewada, came to Lord Hanuman Temple at Tukdoji Square around 4 pm on Sunday. After waiting for an opportune time, Naresh opened the unlocked donation box of the temple and pocketed Rs 2855. After stealing the cash, he left the temple slyly. But, being a very busy spot, the suspicious action of Naresh came to the notice of nearby people and they raised an alarm. Hearing the shouts, the accused burglar started running but was chased and caught by the people. After a sound thrashing, the accused burglar was handed over to police.

Ajni PSI Ingle, based on a complaint lodged by Chandu Someshwar Ajne, booked the accused Naresh Kariya unde4r Section 379 of IPC and placed him under arrest.