Man rapes junior colleague, inserts metal into private part

NAGPUR: A 19-year-old woman was allegedly sedated and then sexually exploited by a 50-year-old colleague at the guesthouse of the company they work. He also inserted a small steel instrument into her private part.

Though the incident took place on January 21, the survivor reported the matter to Pardi police on Friday. The police have arrested the accused from Gondia on Saturday and have got a four-day custody remand. He worked as a supervisor at the company. The woman used to report to him.

Police said the survivor, whose brother too works in the same company, had joined on January 15. The siblings, who are from Saoner, were staying at the guesthouse. The accused and another woman too stayed at the same place.

The accused targeted the survivor when only the two of them were present in the guesthouse. The survivor’s brother had gone to Saoner while the other woman was away on the day of the incident.

The survivor was unwell and asleep in her room.

According to her complaint, when she woke up, the accused was inserting the instrument into her private part. When she resisted, the accused sprayed something on her face which made her lose consciousness. When she regained consciousness the following morning, the survivor found herself without clothes. She narrated the plight to her brother on his return.

The siblings confronted the accused at the office on January 22. The company officials sent the survivor, her brother and the accused on leave. On developing some pain on Friday, the survivor first lodged a complaint with the police following which she was taken for medical examination. The steel instrument has not been recovered.