Published On : Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

Man murdered allegedly by 4 brothers in Bajeria over sewer line dispute

A tiff over flow of sewer filth led to murder of a man allegedly at the hands of four brothers in Bajeria area on Wednesday morning.

A brawl had erupted between the deceased Nitin Soni (40) and the neighbouring Mourya family. As a result, members of Mourya family uprooted a hand pump installed in front of Soni’s house. The heady matter appeared to be calmed down as Nitin Soni went to his general store situated near his house. But the skirmish continued as women members of Soni and Mourya families indulged in heated exchange of words.

The wordy duel took a worse turn when male members of Mourya family – Rajendra Mourya, Ashok Mourya, Mukesh Mourya and son of Rajendra jumped into the ring. The son of Rajendra summoned Nitin Soni who had gone to his shop. As soon as Nitin came to the spot, the four brothers assaulted him and thrashed him severely. The beating caused internal injuries on vital parts of Nitin. Suddenly Nitin felt difficulties in breathing and was gasping. He collapsed and became unconscious. The nearby residents immediately took him to Mayo Hospital but he died midway.

The exact cause of Nitin Soni’s death could be revealed in the post-mortem report. However, according opinion of some eye-witnesses and doctors, Nitin could have died due to internal injuries he suffered during fight with the accused Mourya brothers.

After the fatal incident, two accused Ashok Mourya and Mukesh Mourya surrendered to the police while two other accused and two women were taken into custody.

After receving information about the incident, DCP Zone 3 and other police officials visited the spot and started investigations. The tragic death of Nitin Sone sparked tension in the area. Nitin was known as a soft-spoken person. People are in shock over Nitin’s death over trivial issue.