Published On : Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Malapropism of Freedom of expression and closet terrorism!!!

#SeditionDebate: Freedom of speech is not an unfettered right.

image1Our country boasts the freedom of expression as one of its prized constitutional rights. Every right has limitations, and so has Freedom of speech. In the name of intellectual freedom citizens should not be allowed to hold public meetings or cultural celebration to honor men who worked against the State and its institutions. JNU is a Central University funded by the money of taxpayers of India. The events that took place at the tail end of a cultural evening organised by 10 students, formerly of the Democratic Students’ Union (DSU), at the Sabarmati Dhaba, against the execution of Afzal Guru and separatist leader Maqbool Bhat, and for kashmir’s right to “self-determination”. They termed Afzal’s death penalty as his ‘constitutional killing’. The question is how can a true Indian glorify an enemy of the state for being a martyr? With due procedures did the Supreme Court decide of death penalty to Afzal guru. The organizers also believe that leader of separatist movement Maqbool Bhat was also innocent of his crimes. In 1971, Bhat was accused of masterminding the hijacking of a Passenger Airline to Lahore, Pakistan.

Is India not tolerant enough that there has only been one arrest so far in this matter and others involved in the movement are free to give interviews and express their anti-national views?

JNU had no academic discussion or anything cultural in the event that was underway. Instead a terrace for anti-India slogans and pseudo-nationalist and pro-terroristic activities. Such a meeting to be organized on the campus of a government funded university is certainly far from lawful.

The JNU Students Union president has been arrested on Friday on sedition charge and he has claimed innocence. A question rises Would America allow campuses or citizens to shout pro-osama slogans glorifying him? Or any country for that matter. Pakistan cricket fan of Virat Kohli was sentenced for 10 years in jail for waving an Indian flag. Our country’s judiciary and administrative systems tolerant enough if we consider this incident. Aren’t these terrorists, wearing cloak of leftist views? The question is who is infiltrating funds for these anti-nationalist activities. Who is the real financier and Swami for this movement must be throughly investigated.

The democratic rights are meant to be cherished and protected and must not allowed to be misused in the name of freedom. There is a line that divides right to have academic debate, cultural activities and activities that support terrorism or the idea of it. These anti-national brutes are using unsubstantial information to motivate anti-nationalism in the under-informed youths. Law must be enforced and these cowards who have no rights to be called Indians mist be shown what judiciary can do.

.. By Dr. Rajan Pandey
Twitter: @rajanpandey001