Published On : Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

Major breakthrough: Serial killer nabbed; blood-stained cloths, big knife seized


In a major breakthrough, police have reportedly arrested the serial killer who had unleashed terror in Nandanvan and Kalamna areas. The arrest could crack the murders. Kalamna police succeeded in nabbing the psycho killer who had allegedly murdered three youths in ghastly manner. The arrested accused serial killer has been identified as Rakesh Hari Hadge (22 or 25), resident of Tulsinagar, Bhandewadi.

It may be recalled, the alleged serial killer was reportedly carrying out the murders in gruesome manner. The third body of a brutally murdered youth was found in Kalamna area on Tuesday morning just two days after two bodies were found in Nandanvan area. After recovery of the body in Kalamna police had intensified patrolling in the area and were on high alert. The accused Rakesh was arrested after he was found suspiciously roaming in the night. The clothes of the accused killer were found stained with blood.

According to information, the accused serial killer is suffering from mental illness. The accused would kill the victims out of fear that the victims would eliminate him if they are let scot free. The accused Rakesh allegedly adopted the same modus operandi in eliminating his three victims. All the deceased had over 70-80 stab wounds on their bodies. Interestingly, the secret parts of the victims too bore stab marks. The first murder was reported from Tulsinagar Railway Crossing in Nandanvan on Sunday morning. The second murder had occurred at nearby Nehru Nagar railway line. After the second incident of murder, Nandanvan police had kept a close vigil and had intensified patrolling. The accused could have developed cold feet at the large presence of cops in the area and possibly carried out the third murder in Kalamna area.

Kalamna Police Inspector, while patrolling, had detained the suspicious youth. Upon grilling, the youth told police that he was coming to Nagpur from Bhandara. To ascertain the truth, cops phoned Bhandara and soon found that the youth was telling a lie and misleading them. Police then frisked the youth and found blood-stained cloths and a big knife from his possession. Armed with the evidence of some gory incident, cops put the suspicious youth to sustained questioning and got the answers as well. The detained youth reportedly confessed his role in the murders.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone-IV, Ishu Sindhu told media that the youth is a total mental wreck and he really tested their nerves throughout the night. The youth maintained, he had found the bag lying on the road and does not know anything about the murders or the blood stained clothes. Giving out his first name as Rakesh, the youth remained firm on his statement. Earlier the youth appeared to had checkmated the cops by sticking to his story. He told cops about residing in Bhandara and a police team was dispatched there to verify his credentials. But when the team from Bhandara failed to find any clue the investigators again took ‘Rakesh’ in and put him under another gruelling session.

Ironically, the accused Rakesh Hadge’s mother meets both the ends by begging. Rakesh too survives on mother’s ‘earning.’ When cops searched his house, Rakesh was found to be suffering from mental illness.

Identity of 3 bodies not yet established:
Identity of the dead bodies is yet to be established as cops have not got any clue. The police have sent photographs to all police stations to search missing reports. However, no missing report about the dead body is received till date. Identification of the dead bodies would be very urgent, if the serial killer was nabbed as the police were not getting any angle of investigation.

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