Published On : Fri, Sep 13th, 2013
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Maharashtra police receive extra Rs 15 crore to crush crimes & arrest criminals in cracking way

image (4)Nagpur News: In a major thrust, the Maharashtra Police have received an extra Rs 15 crore for crushing the crimes with heavy hands and netting the criminals in a cracking manner. The Maharashtra Home Ministry decision in this regard comes after the ever growing crimes of various natures. The Rs 15 crore would be shared with Police Commissionerates including the Nagpur among others.

According to sources, the Maharashtra Government measure is in the direction of concreting the network of informants in arresting the hardcore and dreaded criminals including the terrorists.  The entire State is witnessing a spurt in crimes of serious natures like shootouts, robberies, looting, kidnappings, rapes, frauds etc etc.

Till now, the concerned top police officials and other lower rung policemen have to pay money to the informants from their own pockets which are non-refundable. The informants sometimes prove handy in nabbing criminals and also in investigation of grave crimes. Maharashtra police being the key agency of the State in maintaining the law and order, the Home Ministry took the serious note of top police officials and other lower ranked officials paying the informants from their own pockets, made a provision of Rs 15 crore specifically for paying the informants and making the network more effective and powerful.

However, when the Nagpur Today scribe Ravikant Kamble talked to Nagpur’s Joint Commissioner of Police Sanjay Saxena, IPS, for his comments on the provision of Rs 15 crore, he first appreciated the scribe for breaking the news. “How did you get the news?” was the question of the top police official. Coming to the point, the Joint CP said, “The provision of Rs 15 crore is not only for informants. The provision is mainly aimed at the investigations of various crimes in the best professional manner. The informants sometimes play their roles effectively, but we are not dependent on them. Nagpur police or for that matter the entire Maharashtra police have our own vast and best network. And with computerization of the systems, the crucial data about every minute details of crimes and criminals has been stored and is readily available as far as all crimes and criminals are concerned,” the Joint Commissioner of Police Sanjay Saxena asserted.

Similarly, the investigating officials and other policemen have to travel to many other cities as the part of the investigation or bringing the criminals to Nagpur. The expenses incurred by the concerned police officials and other policemen on the counts like Daily Allowance, Travel Allowance and on other heads, would be refunded from the Rs 15 crore. Till now, the policemen had to travel by their own expenses thus triggering lapses or delay in actions benefiting the criminals in escaping the police dragnet.

The Director General of Police, after considering the finer and darker aspects of all these aspects, sent a proposal to Home Ministry which got sanctioned and the provision of Rs 15 crore has been made in this regard.


On one hand the Home Ministry is making all out efforts to strengthen the police system and network, on the other hand, the Home Minister R R Patil’s announcement a year ago that Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and other cities would be provided with eagle eyes in the form of CCTV cameras at major squares to keep watch on any criminal activity, has turned a hollow one. Although, Mumbai and Pune were equipped the CCTVs, Nagpur was left “blind” as not a single CCTV camera has been installed at any square.

… Ravikant Kamble