Published On : Tue, Dec 10th, 2019

Maharashtra: Onion prices continue to surge in Nagpur

The price of onions in the markets of Nagpur continued to soar, creating severe distress for the consumers.”We are unable to buy onions any more. Earlier, we used to purchase 2 kilograms of onion, now we have to make do with 250 grams,” said Chandrakant.

Arjun Sahoo, a shopkeeper in Nagpur, told ANI: “The price of onions has reached Rs 120 per kilogram. Furthermore, we are receiving damaged stocks. So we are unable to sell onions in the markets, which has created problems for us as well as our customers.”

He further stated that shopkeepers are unable to make any profit as more than 5-7 kilograms of onion pe sack are discarded as they are damaged.