Published On : Sat, Oct 10th, 2020

Maha Metro to open only one-way traffic on Manish Nagar ROB, RUB

Nagpur: The Maha Metro is constructing the ambitious double decker on Wardha Road. Recently, the most technically challenging work of laying Bow String Girder work of Manish Nagar ROB (Railway Over Bridge) and RUB (Railway Underbridge) was completed.

However, Maha Metro has decided to open only one way traffic on Manish Nagar ROB and RUB keeping in mind the safety concerns ahead of full completion of the project and public dedication. As per the original plan, they were going to have two-way traffic. The construction of the ROB has been completed while construction of the RUB is near completion. Metro has said that the ROB attached to the double decker bridge on Wardha road can only be used by people travelling from Manish Nagar to Hotel Pride, whereas the RUB can only be used by people coming from Wardha Road.

Maha Metro said though the design for RoB/RuB is meant for two-way traffic but initially only one way traffic is going to be allowed to and fro from Manish Nagar. After observing the traffic and if need arose, a decision about permitting movement on both the lanes would be taken, Maha Metro said.

Right now people use Somalwada railway crossing for connecting to Wardha Road from Manish Nagar. The RoB/RuB is an alternative to railway crossing where people daily face inconvenience due to repeated closure during movement of trains whose frequency has increased over the years. The Traffic Control Branch has already advised Maha Metro not to allow two-way movement through RuB as the short width and sharp curves inside the tunnel may result in mishaps.

The part of the ROB that joins the double-decker bridge is specifically made in ‘Y’ shape to facilitate two-way traffic. As per Maha Metro, due to some probable technical difficulties in movement of traffic on both ROB and RUB, it has been decided that they both will be carrying only one-way traffic.