Published On : Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Lucyforest nails it with super hit electronic dance music festival

Nagpur Today.

It was thunderous yet soothing delight for the lively people who crowded up at Lucyforest’s electronic dance music festival featuring Muxka Jar held recently. The event was beautifully conducted by Lucyforest and marketed by Akshay Nagarkar of Biziboy Media, Mumbai & Nagpur. The show received the first ever biggest opening in Nagpur this year. The fest was presented by Kingfisher and was held at Club Hideout.

A whopping crowd of 300 people participated in the event. Participants enjoyed for the first time – pleasure of Unlimited Kingfisher beverage and Unlimited Snacks at the fest. Guests reviewed that it’s the first time they have experienced that drinks were pouring on and on with a smooth supply as per demand.

After interacting with Kingfisher, they reviewed that the music and crowd both were great. The music of Dj Muxka Jar was too good and it was the first time in Nagpur, we listed to an authentic Edm music like what we hear when we support any Edm fest in Metro cities of India. The event was presented by Kingfisher and supported by other brands like Nagpur Today, Blenders Pride, Fuel, Uber, Lucid & Biziboy Media.

After interacting with Muxka Jar, he said that there has definitely been a rapid growth in the edm scene of Nagpur City and that the city has opened its doors for Edm music festivals. Also after interacting with Mr. Akshay Nagarkar founder of Biziboy Media who was incharge of Marketing, Media and corporate associations for Lucyforest music fest, Nagpur said that Lucyforest has a motto of providing a unique and authentic experience of Edm fest for the Nagpurians. With the supply of actual Unlimited Snacks & Drinks, we have definitely raised the bar of music festival scene to a higher level.

When asked for the future of Lucyforest, he explained that this is just the beginning for Lucyforest and the we have already started working on multiple future gigs lined up for Nagpur for the year 2017 with a mega event that is aimed to be the biggest event of Nagpur by the end of the year.

Ashna and Raj Jain

Ashna and Raj Jain


Arpan and Bangdi


By Farhan Kazi
Pics by Vikrant Shimpi