Locally Manufactured, Tailor-Made Solar Signals for Metro

Nagpur: In its efforts to ease traffic congestion on city roads, Maha Metro Nagpur has taken up the task of installing advanced portable solar signals in the city. These signals would not only be manufactured in Nagpur, but are being tailor-made exclusively for the project here. These high-quality signals, with extra battery back-up would go a long way in managing the ever-increasing traffic in the second capital These signals, which would be portable in nature, have advanced features as compared to earlier ones. These high-end signals are fully automated and can be programmed and re-programmed as per requirements. The software, which operates the signal, can also be altered as per the specifications. The signals can be operated in 16 various combinations, based on the traffic density and other parameters.

The signals, can be made to work in manual and auto mode, are easy to operate and can be operated even by a layman. The most important feature is the fact the signals have inbuilt GPS and this high-end system tracks time by calculating latitude and longitude. Real time clock has also been installed in these signals. Plus, the signals also have power connection and can be run on electricity, if need arises. Solar panels are installed atop these signals. The 100 watt batteries, installed alongside lamps, provide a back up of 16 hours. These signals are not just modern and advanced in nature, but stand at a height of more than 12 feet. This ensures that the signals have better visibility on city roads. The signal body is made of iron and the metal used is as per international standard.

The signal has been deliberately mounted on trolley for easy lateral movement. It has been made heavy and a signal assembly weighs more than 300 kg. The 300 kg weight gives extra stability and also prevents theft. The signals are all-weather proof and are endowed with retro fit facility. Poly carbonate is used for this purpose, which gives additional safety to these signal. These signals are easy to operate and require low maintenance as compared to conventional signals, which operate on power. Considering its portability, the signals can especially be used on narrow roads, in Tier-III cities and towns. These signals would be manufactured in Nagpur and would meet all requirements of Maha Metro Nagpur.