Published On : Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

Live Report : Cluster of Power at RSS Dussehra Shastra Pujan

RSS-Dussehra-Shastra-PujanNagpur: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s traditional Shri Shastra Pujan and Vijayadashmi Utsav has been the regular affair in Nagpur for years immemorable. This Dussehra too, RSS has continued its tradition and organized the programme at Reshimbagh ground here early Thursday. The programme was graced by renowned scientist Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat, also the Member of Nitti Ayog, who was present as the Chief Guest.

rss-nagpur-dasseraAlso present on the occasion were State’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Nagpur MP and Union Surface Transport MInister Nitin Gadkari, Mahanagar Sanghchalak Ashok Loya along with other sangchalaks.

Nagpur Today brings to your Live Account from the Ground Zero…


Here’s minute by minute brief of the event.

7.41 am RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat reaches dais.

7.49 am Bhagwat performs Shastra Puja

7.51 am Dr Vijay kumar Saraswat also shared the stage.
8.06 am : CM, Gadkari also takes the lead

8.06 am: Sangh Swayamsevak presenting Shakti Pradarshan which includes Yoga and Karate demostration.

8.06 am : RSS band in sync with the activities

8.08 am : Various religious and spiritual leaders also join the event
8.14 am : Sangh’s Yoga vibhag performs
8.20 am : Sangh’s Bhaav Geet Presentation begins

#Rajesh Loya, Mahanagar Sanghchalak Speaks

8.24 am : Rajesh Loya takes mike. Says Vijayadashmi is the festival of social awareness. RSS lays its foundation 90 years back
8.24 am : 56 years back, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar took historical step to get justice to the backward castes.
8.25 am : Our new generation has got the learning to differentiate between Ram and Raavan through their deeds.
8.26 am : Weapons play an important role in self defence and nation’s security.
8.27 am : Remembers Missile Man APJ Abdul Kalam Azad
8.29 am : Vijay Kumar Saraswat has merged private enterprises into defence sector which will strengthen nation’s defence ability.

#VK Saraswat, Member,Nitti Ayog, Speaks

8.41 am : Post solo song presentation, Saraswat begins speech
8.41 am : Saraswat says, Greetings for Vijayadashmi. My Gratitude to RSS which have invited me to join such an spectacular event.
8.44 am : We need to take our nation from developing nation to Developed India. We have achieved quite a progress in this direction for the last 2 years.
8.44 am : There are many things coming to the fore which indicates we are progressing ahead.
8.45 am : He says but we have to equally pay attention towards rectifying our shortcomings.
8.47 am : We need to understand the concept of Unity in Diversity.
8.48 am : There is need to adapt Deendayal Upadhyay’s principal of nationalism
8.49 am : We have to focus more on poverty eradication, education, health and rural development.
8.52 am : Indian is an agricultural land and 30 crore people live in villages. We have increase GDP share of agriculture sector. At present this is just 4 percent. We have to take it to 14 percent
8.56 am : We have to form IIT for agricultural education
8.58 am : We have to adapt ‘Live and Learn’ policy.
8.58 am : We also need to follow our enriched old civilisation.
8.59 am : There should be proper monitoring system in PPP model
9.01 am : We have to stress more on quantity of education rather than focusing on quality.
9.02 am : There should be regulatory in Health Sector and we should use technology to make it better.
9.03 am : We need to promote E-Medicine and also bring e-Education system in the field of Health.
9.05 am : Urbanization should not mean developing cities but providing urban facilities in rural areas.
9.11 am : There is a need to increase religious mindset in nation.

#RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Speaks at Vijayadashmi Utsav in Nagpur


9.13 am : Mohan Bhagwat thanks Saraswat and takes to mike.
9.15 am : Bhagwat remembers Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Says Ambedkar has eliminated financial anomaly in the nation and established equal values in politics.
9.17 am : He adds, We need to lead nation to such a society which makes us world leader.
9.21 am : The current time is optimistic. But the situation was not the same 2 years back. Now people’s trust has increased.
9.23 am : There has been significant presence of India in foreign nations.
9.23 am : India’s importance has increased in just 2 years.
9:25 am : India has been to and fro between under developed and developed nation. Now India has once again reached this progressive destination.
9:25 am : India has always followed the religion of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” (the world is my family)
9:25 am : We have protect our interests as well as the interests of the world.
9.26 am : Whenever need arose we lent the helping hands with open hearts.
9:27 am : The primary thing to think about is how to make India a leading nation in the world. Raavan was a great king, Ram sent Laxman to him to learn how to rule a kingdom. And yet today, we talk about how Ram ruled
9.27 am : A new face of India is rising. The world has increased hopes from the nation.
9.28 am : India should free from single headed mentality. Leaders, society should work towards achieving this goal.
9.33 am : The economic policies of the world have shattered many times but we should follow the tradition of absorbing the good from the world. However we should do it keeping our values and criteria in mind.
9.35 am : We have witnessed sustainable development in our tradition and now the world is talking about that.
9.36 am : We have to create the imagination of our development on our own.
9.37 am : The planning commission representative has cleared his policies just now. We need to bring religious discipline to overcome our financial shortcomings.
9.38 am : Religion is not about worshiping but about behaviour and deeds
9:37 am : Life which teaches discipline binds all – This is religion. We have to proceed with our financial matters in this way only
9:38 am : Antyodaya should tread its pearls. It is good that basic things have been included in the announcement of planning commission. This may take time and one should have patience.
9.41 am: We need to evaluate our policies at grass root level. And hence dialogue with all is required.
9.44 am: We have to consider the development for the next 50 years and carve the policy keeping population rise in mind.
9:49 am: There are religious traditions which have been going on for centuries and to change this need a thorough round of discussion with religious leaders. There should be a detailed discussion before imposing ban on Santhara. It is not right to ban tradition on the basis of law.
9:50 am : Communication should be the key in every society
9:53 am : Commercialisation of education should be completely eliminated. There is an urgent need for change in education policy.We need to evaluate the reports of commission.
9.57 am : Election system also needs to be changed and corruption should be banished. The nation will be built in sync with administration of tolerance and coordination with society.
10.00 am : When we talk of human things, some say we are Hindutvawaadi. Sangh sevaks have visited at New Delhi’s Nizamuddin mosque where we have been warmly received.
10.01 am : To connect everyone is Hindu culture and we only follow this regime. Our holistic culture is the embodiment of unity and brotherhood. It is the history of our ancestors that we have been following. RSS has been uniting nation on the basis of Hindutva for the last 90 years and we have surpassed the test of times.
10.06 am : Instead of being a Sangh spectator, become a Sangh Member, appeals Mohan Bhagwat.

Divyesh Dwivedi