Published On : Thu, Apr 16th, 2015

Live: Public lecture on Land Acquisition Bill

  • Gadkari ended his speech by claiming that Rajya Sabha will also pass the new Land Acquisition Bill because they know that this bill is important for farmers. Except for communists, who oppose the Bill since they are, by definition anti growth other parties who are progressive will certainly support the Bill.
  • Gadkari: Since water is the lifeline of any state or country and as long as they can not acquire land for irrigation projects how can agricultural growth grow beyong 4% in Maharashtra, and if it does not grow how the farmer suicide will stop.
  • Gadkari: My dream is to travel on speed boat in Nag Nadi  in Nagpur city
  • Gadkari: 13 water ports will be built in the country
  • Gadkari: No land will be acquired for Engineering Colleges or any other project of private players.
  • Gadkari: Will give subsidies and forgo loans for all Nagpur Handloom Weavers
  • Gadkari: Irrigation backlogs horrendous in Vidarbha
  • Gadkari: Industrial corridors will bring industries to rural areas and stop migration of labor to slums in metros like Mumbai & Delhi
  • Gadkari: In 1 year coal production will go up more then in the last 50 years.
  • Gadkari: WCL CMD says i will open a new coal mine every month near Nagpur with new bill.
  • Gadkari: Land needed for rural roads, schools, hospitals and funeral grounds in villages.
  • Gadkari: Kennedy said USA does not have good roads because it is rich. It is rich because it has good roads.
  • Gadkari: Defence, irrigation and power situation in state and country will dramatically improve with new bill.
  • Gadkari: Compensation to land owners increased 4 times in rural and 2 times in urban areas.
  • Public lecture on Land Acquisition Bill started at Vasantrao Deshpande Hall in Nagpur