Published On : Sat, Oct 5th, 2013
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LIT students visit to Gau Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra


Today, India is still developing country. The nations which are developed had already realized the importance of Indian culture. But we ourselves are not focused towards our culture and running away from it in this competitive world. Realizing this, with a vision to rediscover the roots, students of Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur organized an educational trip to “Gau Vigyan Anusadhan Kendra”, Deolapar on 2nd October 2013 ( Gandhi Jayanti) .

Gau Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, literally Cow-science research center, is a research institute located in the town of Deolapar near the city of Nagpur in India. The institution focuses on research and development on the role of Cow and its progeny in human life cycle. In specific, the institute majorly develops medicines and eco-friendly fertilizers from cow products such as dung, urine and milk. Through these means the institute also promotes protection of cow in India. In summary objective of this project: 1. Integrated cycle of cow products and it’s backward- forward linkages for income and employment generation in rural areas, 2. Generation of biogas for cooking, lighting and electricity generation to achieve self sufficiency in energy demand, 3. Organic farming using digested slurry and producing other organic manures and cow urine based pesticides, 4. Cultivation of medicinal and herbal plants for local health care system. The development through this project can be estimated from the phase when soil testing of Deolapar land was negative and water level was low. After the establishment of this Anusandhan Kendra, the productivity, absorption capacity and fertility of soil is increased and also water level is increased. The nutritional values of these crops are also positive. Both qualitative and quantitative requirement is increased. These all can’t be achieved by Synthetic means.

As an Engineer we must understand our role in order to protect our mother earth from future destruction. We should find out various renewable sources and focus on energy conservation. Institute such as NEERI are supporting such projects right from beginning in a very positive way. We should come Down to earth again.
Hence under the guidance of Prof. T.B. Chahande Director-in-charge and encouraging teaching staff realized the significance and students conducted the educational trip. All the students departed in morning from institute campus through bus. At Kendra, Suresh sir welcomed all. He told students importance of cow that is given in our Vedas which are full scientific with proof. Only the difference is of language otherwise all inventions are already done, today we are just reinventing them by changing the language and way of presentation.

Through this educational trip students learned the frame work of the Prakalp first and overlooked various processes that are carried there. They mainly focused on how the Prakalp can be converted to large scale for mass production. Encouraging students to do research in this field, understanding the basic application of the chemical engineering knowledge in those productions were the basic motive of the educational trip.

The trip was successfully concluded with visit to organic farms over there, enlightening the minds of young students to think of chemicals in greener terms, thus developing technologies in sustainable way improving production with lesser ill effects.

Student volunteers from ISSAC, a student committee of college have taken great efforts in organizing the educational trip. LIT management encourages students for such activities to benefit them in addition to Academic pursuit. The institute expresses its gratitude to “Gau Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra” for its contribution in enlightening the students.