Published On : Tue, Mar 26th, 2013
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Let’s get healthy and make others healthy this Holi

Nagpur News: Colourful Holi celebrations are on the cards and so are yummy treats to look forward to. Just like any other festival, Holi too has its share of special delicacies that are whipped up in many Indian homes and enjoyed by one and all. But this Holi, let’s get healthy and make others healthy too. No, we are not asking you to stop eating these treats, just make these healthier versions of your favourite Holi recipes.

Shahi poli

Puran poli, a traditional sweet flatbread gets a healthy makeover in the form of shahi poli. This version is made using minimum ghee with a little low-fat mawa for an added royal taste. This recipe contains only 2.1 gm of fat and 115 calories is a much healthier option to the traditional puranpoli.

Oats chaat

Who doesn’t love chaat, just thinking about it makes one drool! While a traditional chaat consists of too many calories, try oats chaat which is not only rich in fibre content but is also relatively low on calories. Fret not, it is still as yummy as a chaat should be and you won’t have to regret later about eating it.

Orange kheer

This is surely a healthy and unusual twist to your regular kheer of milk and rice. The rice goes out and orange takes its place to make it healthy. The cardamom and saffron give it the rich flavour synonymous with kheer.

Low-cal thandai

Holi is surely incomplete without its staple thandai. A glass full of that lip-smacking delicacy down your throat is one of the highlights of every Holi celebration. This year, try a low-cal version of your favourite Holi drink and enjoy the festivities without any worry of putting on extra pounds.

We hope these healthy recipes will make your Holi celebrations more enjoyable and healthy. Here’s wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi.