Published On : Wed, May 31st, 2017

Lawless Land : Goons unleash horror, ransack Maharaja Furnitures, set woman afire

Nagpur: It seems no place is secure in Nagpur, as far as the reach of history sheeters is concerned.
History-sheeter Javed Khan and his younger brother Mohsin ransacked maharaja Furnitures at Bhaldarpura who vented their anger on the businessman family and their shops after being refused a free cooler. Apart from ransacking the family-owned shops and damaging 11 coolers and three almirahs, the goons also tried to set the place on fire in presence of 62-year-old matriarch who was saved by neighbours from being burnt alive. The cops, who reacted late, were busy registering complaint against the goons even as they were vandalizing the place.

Javed, having several offences against him but let off with simple actions, had approached Abdul Mateen on Monday for a cooler from latter’s shop stating the payment would be made later. Mateen refused stating that nothing could be given without payment, Javed turned violent. Javed was having his brother Mohsin along with him when he started assaulting Mateen. The goons damaged glass facade of the shop and also some coolers on display.

Javed and his brother Mohsin also damaged almirahs and coolers at the adjoining shop of Mateen’s brother Farooque. It is learnt the Khan brothers have an ill-repute of trying to dominate the local traders and also threaten them but there had not been many complaints against them fearing their wrath.

Stunned by the violence, Farooque had rushed to Ganeshpeth police station to lodge a complaint. As the cops were considering the complaint, Farooque got a call from his family stating the Khan brothers were keen to compromise. As it was holy month of Ramadan, Farooque and Mateen decided to reconcile instead of registering offence. Mateen and Farooque tried to settle the issue amicably by approaching Khans at their pan kiosk, but the goons once again beat them up which prompted the businessmen brothers to approach the Ganeshpeth police station for the second time in the afternoon.

As the cops got busy with registering a FIR, Javed and Mohsin stormed the furniture shops once again, this time trying to set the place on fire. Mateen and Farooque’s mother Naseem Bano who were present at the shop, were drenched with kerosene by Javed and Mohsin . The goons had already set the place on fire when local traders rushed in to save Naseem Bano and also put off the flames. They had also thrashed the elderly woman when she tried to save her family shop.

Javed was rounded up by Ganeshpeth police shortly after the incident but Mohsin managed to escape. The cops attributed the delay in action to simultaneous incidents at more than one place. They procured two-day custody of Javed from court after producing him on Tuesday.