Published On : Sun, Sep 1st, 2013
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“Late Latif” Corporators missing the bus for resolving citizens’ various crucial problems


Corporators, office-bearers, officials and employees show their faces at the General Body Meeting of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation well behind the scheduled time of 11 am. The late coming ranges to two hours for every Meeting

cNagpur News:
The Corporators, who never miss the bus for publicity stunts and try to be in the headlines meaningless activities, show their faces at the General Body Meeting of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) well behind the scheduled time of 11 am. Here, too, they miss the bus for resolving the genuine problems of citizens of their respective Wards.  Apart from Corporators of all political parties, the top officials, and the lower rung employees, also arrive at the meeting by at least two hours.

In the General Body Meeting held on August 19, several pending questions were to be raised and discussed but the “Late Latif” Corporators totally water downed the crucial meeting and put the outcome a Big Zero. The number of pending questions which were to be raised in the General Body Meetings included 32 questions of May 18, 8 questions from June 3, 33 questions of July 18 and 12 questions of August 19 totalling 99 questions on various issues of public interest. Out of the 99 pending questions, 10 questions were to be raised by Parinay Fuke, 8 by Praful Gudhde Patil, 7 each by Pravin Datke and Abha Pande, 6 by Vikas Thakre, 4 by Dayashankar Tiwari, 3 each by Rashmi Fadnavis, Sanjay Bonde, Pradeep Pohane, Sanjay Mahakalkar, 2 each by Savita Sangole, Gopal Bohre, Alka Dalal, Pravin Bhisikar, Malu Vanave, Prasanna Borkar, Arun Daware, Kishore Gajbhiye, Aslam Khan, and 1 each by Satish Holey, Sudhakar Kohle, Yashashree Nandanwar, Kanta Rarokar, Munna Yadav, Girish Deshmukh, Meena Tidke, Uma Gathibandhe, Sandeep Joshi, Prakash Totwani, Rajesh Ghodpage, Vandana Ingole, Harish Dikondwar, Suresh Jagyasi, and Kamil Ansari. All the questions or issues were to be raised in the General Body Meeting.

According to rules, the questions are first to be tabled in the House and then the NMC Administration comes with replies. However, if the Administration could not reply within the time or the members are unsatisfied by the replies then they could raise questions again. The Ruling Party had instructed its Corporators not to stretch their works for longer period due to late starting of the Meeting and permited a limited members to raise their issues.

Interestingly, even after the General Body Meeting of August 19, still 89 questions or issues remained pending. And the pending and pending and pending would continue till the Corporators, office-bearers, officials and employee continue to be “Late Latif.”