Published On : Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

Lady loaded with ‘Money Mantra’ reveals how to make easy bucks using consciousness

Ms. Neha Ghanshani our scribe from Health & Wellbeing column is quite excited for the people of Nagpur as she has interviewed Mrs. Aditi Surti (Access Bars Facilitator) over the Skype. Mrs. Surti has been invited to Nagpur to deliver a workshop on “Creating Money with ease and joy” using Access Consciousness Tools.


Nagpur Today: How did you come across Access Bars? How has it helped you?

Aditi Surti: I initially came across Access Consciousness tele-classes on an international website. I used to listen to them frequently for a period of 6 months and I began to notice how much more aware I was getting about myself and how I function and also how things had begun to shift in my life. Then I decided to do a class and found that Bars is the first entry level into Access Consciousness. I got in touch with the facilitators on the website and took my class. I think in the first class itself I released a lot of fixed points of view about family, money, relationships, my career and being a parent. Since then there is no looking back. Every area in my life has changed significantly and the awareness has expanded like never before since I took my first class in June 2012.


Nagpur Today: What do you think are the biggest hurdles in getting more money in life?

Aditi Surti: The singular biggest hurdle to getting more money in your life is your set of points of views about money which itself become a limitation. Money is a favorite topic for many people in my classes. And I have found that in India, we have typical beliefs that hold in place not being able to receive more money. Such as “money does not grow on trees” which has energy of lack and undeservingness. Another popular one is “if I made so much money, I would not what to do with it” or “why would anyone pay me more than what I am getting” or “if you have too much money, you will never be happy” and some other amazing ones. These are all limitations to receiving more money. You may want money, but actually receiving it is entirely different. These fixed beliefs do not allow one to getting more money in life.

Nagpur Today: “Money” is a significant word in everyone’s life! Why do people struggle with money issues?

Aditi Surti: It is because money is made very significant. One of the ways in which you can know if you make money significant is to ask yourself a question –“would I still choose this if money were not an issue?” You will find that you choose differently when you ask this. The main struggle with money is pretty much inherited. Our family and society has a fixed set of beliefs they functioned from with regards to money. When it is given too much significance, it becomes a limitation. And when you make it totally insignificant then that becomes a limitation too. We mostly inherit all these from our parents and extended family and we have never asked questions whether these beliefs worked for them and made them happy? Nor have we ever asked if these beliefs worked for us and made us happy? Access Consciousness has amazing tools to find out which beliefs are not working for you and get them out of your way to receiving more money.

Nagpur Today: There are many belief patterns by people about money like “Money does not grow on trees”; You have to work hard to earn money”; “Rich people are never happy”; Don’t spend too much money”; etc. How does Access Consciousness help people with such limitations and belief system?

Aditi Surti: There are amazing questions and clearing tools that are given to participants and they are taught how to use them and when to use them to getting out of buying into beliefs those do not work for them anymore. Firstly understanding who do these beliefs belong to? Are these yours? Or did they come from your parents, extended family, etc.? There are further deeper questions and clearing tools used to undo this and come to a point of living a new possibility with money for you and doing what works for you and money. It is essentially destroying and uncrating your relationship with money so far and recreating a new one.

Nagpur Today: What differently are the participants going to experience in this workshop about “Creating Money with Ease & Joy”?

Aditi Surti: In most Access Class we do not teach. We facilitate. We give you tools that work for anyone around the world including kids and grandparents. These are very simple and can be done anywhere and anytime.  When you are experiencing a belief that is limiting you and not allowing you have what you want likes money, we give you the tools to change that. And we allow for you to find your own truth and come to a point where you find what makes you happy. Access Consciousness is about empowering you to know that YOU know. Meaning, if you have bought into everyone else’s beliefs about money till now which have not served you, you have been ignoring what you know and want about money. Its time for you to acknowledge your truth with money.


Nagpur Today: I have always heard this from many that “Business class people have their money (investments) stuck with their clients; Service class people have a limitation of earning more money, what would you say about this?

Aditi Surti: These are all limiting beliefs and judgments about money, business people and service class people. I would ask questions about the truth of these in the first place. If I come from a place of judgment about any of these, I am not allowing myself to receive awareness of how these people actually work and make money. I would love to know how a business person makes money or a service class person saves money! But if I judge them and have fixed beliefs about them I will never be able to open myself to really knowing about them as I will always look at them through a fixed set of beliefs. I am a business person now and I have no money stuck with anyone. I have no points of view about this.


Nagpur Toady:  as a child, most of us were afraid to ask questions, how much do you think these matters to our consciousness?

Aditi Surti: I think questions are critical in expanding our awareness and knowing. When we stop a child from asking questions, we are instantly making them wrong about themselves. We are teaching them that asking questions is wrong. Our awareness starts getting limited from that point. If we do not ask questions, how will we find out what works for us and what does not? I understand that in our country a great deal of importance is given to advise of elders and the rightness of their way of thinking but when we don’t ask if that works for us or not, we create limitations for ourselves and we may create resentment towards them. There are amazing ways to work around this. These will be covered in the class “Creating Money with Ease and Joy” on Sept 28th in Nagpur, Hotel Centre Point, 4pm to 8pm.