Published On : Thu, Apr 4th, 2013
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Kush killer Ayush Pugalia gets Double Lifer in Nagpur

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Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam to move HC for death sentence

The key perpetrator of macabre murder of 8-year old Kush Kataria, who was kidnapped for ransom and later killed, Aayush Puglia was sentenced to two life imprisonments by Additional Sessions Court Judge G J Akarte in Nagpur. One of other two accuse, Navin Pugalia was sentenced 5 months imprisonment while the other, Nitin Puglia was acquitted due to lack of evidence. Since Navin has already served his term, he was set free. 

Eight-year old Kush, son of Nagpur’s famous industrialist Prashant Kataria, was kidnapped by Aayush  with the help of his two brothers who resided in front of Kataria house on October 11, 2011. They had demanded ransom of Rs 2 crore and had also warned that if their demand was not met they will eliminate Kush. But since they were not receiving the ransom amount the culprits hid Kush at different places. The desperate trio finally ended the sensational episode by strangulating Kush to death and dumped his body in a tank somewhere in city.

Nagpur police, after sustained efforts, arrested the offenders Aayush, Navin and Nitin. The police chargesheeted them in the Sessions Court.

The most important fact in the case was that Chief Pupblic Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam personally volunteered to represent Katarias. He argued the case in a best professional manner. He took great efforts in the one and half year trial to hand down strictest punishment to the offenders. It may be mentioned here that no witness turned hostile and gave evidence on involvement of three brothers in the heinous  crime.

However, the Judge Arkate found Aayush the main conspirator of the crime and awarded him the life imprisonment. Navin Puglia, who has already served five months in jail, was fined Rs. 10,000. The third culprit Nitin was let off for want of evidence.

Ujjwal Nikam has asserted that he will approach High Court against the judgement and seek death sentence for the guilty.

The incident of kidnapping and later brutal murder of Kush Kataria had enraged Nagpurians who anxiously awaited the judgement.