Published On : Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

Krishna Khopde’s sons get in drunken brawl at Cloud7 Bar, friend killed

Deceased Shubham Mahakalkar

Deceased Shubham Mahakalkar

A minor fight that began at Cloud 7 bar on Shankar Nagar square on Sunday night turned into an ugly scuffle leading to the gruesome murder of a 21 year old youth. The sensation grew bigger as the news spread of involvement of both the sons of sitting BJP MLA Krishna Khopde – Rohit and Abhijit Khopde in the scuffle. The deceased said to the friend of Rohit and Abhijit has been identified as Shubham Mahakalkar, 21, resident of Mahal.

Police sources said that two separate cases has been lodged at Ambazari police station – one against Khopde brothers and their accomplices and another that of murder against the bar owner Saawan alias Sunny Pramod Bambrotwar, 21, resident of Kiradpura, Gandhi Chowk in Sadar.

Sources informed that both Rohit and Abhijit Khopde were partying at Cloud 7 bar on Sunday night along with their 9-10 friends. After they were done with drinking and dinner, the bill came up. The duo asked for the discount which the bar owner Sunny flatly refused. This led to the wordy spat between Sunny and Abhijit. The fight turned so heated that both the enraged Khopde brothers hit Sunny with wine bottle, injuring him badly. Another accomplice of Khopde brothers Akshay Arun Khandare, 21, resident of Satranjipura also beat up Sunny. All the members then ransacked the bar and left.

Meanwhile Sunny approached Ambazari police station and filed complaint againt Rohit, Abhijit, Akshay and all their friends. Assistant Police Inspector Netam lodged an FIR against them under section 307, 143, 145, 147, 149, 427.

MLA Krishna Khopde's son Rohit Khopde

MLA Krishna Khopde’s son Rohit Khopde

Meanwhile, Sunny called up his friends who chased Khopde brothers and their friends and entered into a fresh encounter at Laxmi Bhavan square, just few metres from the bar. Sunny’s friends attacked Khopde brothers and their friends with rods, hockey sticks and sharp edged weapons. The deceased Shubham Mahakalkar who also accompanying them got grievously injured in the incident and died on the spot. Most of the others including Rohit and Abhijit were also injured in the scuffle.

Later a case of counter attack involving murder was registered against Sunny and his accomplices at Ambazari police station. API Netam filed FIR under sections 302, 307 and 427. The injured were admitted to nearby Sengupta Hospital whereas Khandare, one of the accused friend of Khopde gang is being treated at Rahate Surgical Hospital on CA road.

The news of Krishna Khopde’s sons getting involved in the case has become the talk of the town. People have now trained their eyes on course of action police takes in the incident.