Know Your Police Station: Pardi

Part 17: Pardi Police Station

Nagpur: Established on September 18, 2019 by bifurcating the existing Kalamna Police Station, the Pardi Police Station is currently led by Senior Police Inspector (PI) Sunil Govind Gangurde (a PSI of batch 1993 batch). Pardi Police Station operates with 74 staff members and 7 officials.

Senior Police Inspector Sunil Govind Gangurde, Pardi Police Station Nagpur City

Pardi Police Station jurisdiction comprises 24-kilometres stretch including Kapsi village with dense population of over 2 lakh people. Being on the edge of the city, Pardi Police Station shares boundaries with Lakadganj, Wathoda, Kalamna and Mauda Police Station. Maa Bhavani Mandir, Umaya Dham and Industrial area are some key spots under Pardi Police. Besides, two National Highways — NH-06 (Nagpur – Bhandara) and NH-07 (Jabalpur- Hyderabad) — pass through it’s jurisdiction.

Map: Pardi Police Station

Pardi Police Station comprises two beats: Bhavani Nagar Beat (Beat Marshal – PC Swapnil Amrutkar – Mobile No: 9822352716) and Bhandewadi Beat (Beat Marshal – PC Kunal Gedam – Mobile No: 9561544887). These two beats comprises sensitive areas like Gondpura, Shende Nagar, Udiya Mohalla slums.

Bhavani Nagar Beat – Beat Marshal – PC Swapnil Amrutkar – Mobile No: 9822352716

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Sunil Gangurde discussed how Pardi cops have undertaken several preventive measures to curb irregularities in the area. PI Gangurde had sought details of notorious criminals in the area from Kalamna Police Station and later launched an organised crackdown against the anti-social elements to install fear among them. Riddled with several sensitive points, even a minor dispute could lead to major tragedy here, hence constant policing is essential emphasized, PI Gangurde.

Bhandewadi Beat – Beat Marshal – PC Kunal Gedam – Mobile No: 9561544887

In bid to bridge the gap between cops and society, PI Sunil Gangurde has already shared his personal mobile number – 7507102999 — with the locals and has advised them to directly call him in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity has always been protected, he assures. Anyone can also reach out to Pardi cops on their landline number: 0712-2971903, he added.

Amplified preventive action against anti-social elements:

“Owing to flourishing irregularities, Pardi Police have launched organized crackdown against hardcore criminal, illegal liquor and gambling businesses in the area under the supervision of Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Zone 5, Neelotpal. I’ve personally sought details of notorious criminals of the area from Kalamna Police Station and initiated preventative actions against them. This has helped us in restoring peace in the area,” PI Gangurde said.

Significance of Local Interactions:

“Apart from Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievance, Pardi cops make sure to interact with citizens, local corporators, social workers and business owners to acknowledge their queries. Owing to the dense population area, petty arguments often prove fetal under Pardi Police jurisdiction; hence I’ve advised our staff to pay special attention to the NC-offences. Along with routine patrolling in the area, I’ve made special provision of foot patrolling in the area, especially during the night time to have a remote glimpse. This has proved really significant in controlling crime,” said PI Gangurde.

Regular checks on repeated offenders:

To curb the irregularities under Pardi Police Jurisdiction, the cops have prepaid the chart of notorious criminals in the locality, who are on constant watch. Besides, cops on the regular basis keep checks on repeated offenders in a bid to control nuisance and at the same time to instill fear among them. Pardi cops have also externed six goons and slapped one MPDA and one MCOCA recently, to ensure safety of the locals, informed PI Sunil Gangurde. He has also warned anti-social elements of stern action if their acts by any means disrupted the harmony of the society.

Special nakabandis to curb mishaps:

Acknowledging the rampant surge in road accidents under Pardi Police Station jurisdiction, we conduct daily nakabandis during peak hours to reduce the speed of the vehicles. The two National Highways are accidents prone areas owing to constant and reckless commuting. Hence, we’ve risen patrolling on these two avenues. I’ve also instructed officials to not harass the motorist during the drive. This move has helped us a lot in curbing accidents, says PI Gangurde.


Roll Call: Pardi Police Station Nagpur City

Ensure parking facility at home, install CCTV camera, PI Gangurde urges citizens:

We’ve been witnessing steadily rise in vehicle theft cases here, under Pardi Police. Hence, I would like to advice citizens to ensure parking facility at home for their vehicles. One should avoid parking their vechiles outside in the night. And most importantly I would like to urge citizens to install CCTV cameras at home. This is most efficient way to curb any sort untoward incident, PI Sunil Gangurde said.

In a bid to inform citizens about their regional Police Station, Nagpur Today came up with an exclusive series — Know Your Police Station – to enable all the necessary information regarding the Police Station to the general public. In the report, you will find information about the Police Inspector of the respective Police Stations, ways to contact them in case of any emergency, besides the official’s future goals in the region, etc.

– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble