Know Your Police Station: Ambazari

Part 7: Ambazari Police Station

Nagpur: Established on November 21, 1960, the Ambazari Police Station is currently led by Senior Police Inspector (PI) Narendra Krishnarao Hivare (a PSI of 1993 batch). Ambazari Police Station operates with 103 staff members along with 12 officials.

Ambazari Police Station comprises Nagpurians’ favorite hangout spot, Futala Lake, Ambazari Lake, University Campus, Law College, Gokulpeth Market, Ram Nagar Market under its three bits – Ravinagar, Gokulpeth and Pandharabodi — besides, several High Court judges also reside under Ambazari Police Station.

Police Inspector (PI) Narendra Krishnarao Hivare (a PSI of 1993 batch).

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Narendra Hivare discussed how Ambazari cops have undertaken several preventive measures to curb suicides at Futala Lake. Being sensitive points – Futala Slums and Pandharabodi – are constantly under surveillance of the cops. I myself ensure personal interactions with locals and corporators to bridge the gap between cops and locals in a bid to maintain law and order says the PI.

PI Narendra Hivare has also advised citizens to directly call him on his personal mobile phone –9823815100 — in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity has always been protected, he assures.

Futala Lake under surveillance to curb suicides:
“In a bid to reduce the rise in numbers of suicide at the Futala Lake, we have raised our surveillance around the premises. Though, owing to lockdown and road construction, many avoid to throng the city’s favorite hangout spot, however, our officials patrol the lake premises during the day. The same observation is followed by the Beat Marshals and other officials during the night. We’ve kept remote contacts with local shopkeepers and vendors who would inform us if any suspicious person found setting alone near the lake premises for too long. Acting swiftly on the inputs, Ambazari officials rush to spot and provide counseling. We’ve also written to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to repair the necessary infrastructure near the lake premises,” said PI Hivare.

Significance of Local Interactions:
Apart from Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievance, Ambazari cops make sure to interact with citizens, local corporators, hoteliers to acknowledge their queries. Ambazari Police Station includes around 150 senior citizens who stay alone as their wards are working or completing their higher studies abroad. To ensure their safety, a special squad has been appointed to monitor them. Our staff is constantly in touch with them and even helped them during the lockdown period, said the PI.

Special attention towards Telankhedi, Ambazari garden:
We are aware of love birds’ obscene acts in public places, including Telankhedi and Ambazari garden. Thus, Ambazari cops have raised patrolling in the suspicious vicinity. Besides, we have also instructed the security guard of these sites. DB squad and Damiki Pathak are also on their toes to avoid any untoward incident in the area, said PI Hivare.


Regular checks on repeated offenders:
To curb the irregularities under Ambazari Police Jurisdiction, the cops have prepaid the chart of notorious criminals in the locality, who are on watch. Besides, cops on the regular basis keep checks on repeated offenders in a bid to control nuisance and at the same time to instill fear among them. Ambazari Police has externed one goon recently, to ensure safety of the locals, informed PI Narendra Hivare. He has also warned anti-social elements of stern action if their acts by any means disrupted the harmony of the society.

In a bid to inform citizens about their regional Police Station, Nagpur Today came up with an exclusive series — Know Your Police Station – to enable all the necessary information regarding the Police Station to the general public. In the report, you will find information about the Police Inspector of the respective Police Stations, ways to contact them in case of any emergency, besides the official’s future goals in the region etc.

– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble