Published On : Wed, Nov 25th, 2020

“ Kisi Rah Me Kisi Mod Par….” A online musical concert by Swar Sargam .

Swar Sargam gp organized Kisi Rah Me Kisi Mod Par…” A online Musical concert . Many viewers was on line to enjoy blend of new and old melodious songs. Dr Sanjay Uttarwar , Director of Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural gp who is known as Voice of Mukesh in Musical circle was Guest Singer for the event.

Program starts with “ Tumhi ho Mata Pita Tumhi ho …… sung by Jaya Dhabekar and Seema Sing.. Other singers were , Jaya Dhabekar, , Namrata Satfale , Raj Gwalani, Pradeep Andhare , Anthoni Naidu, Sandeep Jawle, Tushar Rangari, Atul Deshmukh, Pradeep Ambulkar, Sajnay Borkar, Ganesh Ragit, Pramod Andhare.

Mere man Ki Ganga ur Tere Man ki Jamuna ka….. sung by Guest singer Dr Sanjay Uttarwar has taken audience to Sangam era of great show man Raj kapoor. Audience bubbles with charming Love triangle of 1964 among Raj kapoor , Vaijayntimala and Rajendra Kumar. Dr Uttarwar received loud applaud and once more for his presentation. He has proved why he has labeled as Voice of Mukesh Chandra Mathur by music lovers in all music circles.

Other Soulful solo and duet songs like , Kitana Hasin Chehra……. Ajay Ganveer, Tu Preet tu chand …..Anthony Naidu Jaya Dhabekar, Mera Pyar bhi tu Hai ….. Dr Sanjay Uttarwar, Seema Sing, Tu is tarah se meri jindgi me …..Sandeep Jawle, Pahla nasha Pahla Khumar … Tushar Rangari Jaya Dhabekar, Jane man Jane Man ….. Atul Deshmukh Seema Sing , Sapne me Kaun aaya.. Anthoni Naydu, Maine Pucha Chand se … Tushar Ambulkar, Ha Pahli Bar …. Sandeep Jawle , Sochenge Tumhe Pyar .. Ganesh Ragit, Gawah hai Chand Tare Gawah hai… Pramod Andhare and Seema sing and many more songs were presented by singers.

Tital Song Kisi Rah Me Kisi Mod Par …. by Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar and Jaya Dhabekar received loud applaud from audience.
All singers impressed the audience with remarkable performances during program. The audience on its part kept cheering them and encouraging them to give best by putting their comments in comments box. Till end majority of audience praise this program . 1600 compliments was there form viewers.

During the said program Organisers welcome guest Singer Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar . Jaya Dhabekar , Seema Sing, and all felicitate him by offering buke for his outstanding contribution to the musical world of Nagpur. He Shared his views while giving reply to felicitation and extend his best wishes to future of group and give thanks to organizers for lovely welcome.

By profession , He is a Principal of Engineering College , but having immense interest and contribution to the field of music. He is a renowned and versatile singer of our city and was invited as Guest Singer by many Groups of Nagpur. He is known as a Vice of Mukesh in Musical world. He is renowned speaker and orator from central India.
Anchor Sanjay Borkar done his job nicely. He narrate various stories in connection with songs. He has very nicely introduce guest Singer of event Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar to the audience who is recipient of eight International and National Level awards and renowned academician of region.

Viewers gave thanks Seema Sing for lovely organization and extend their good wishes for future of the them. Swar sargam gp conduct various programs on line. Vijay Puranik , Nalini Chauhan, Sanjay Gawai, Mr Yoganand Bopche, , Dr. Varsha Uttarwar, Nikita Madam, Mrs Sadhana and Sanjay Upganlawar , Shubhangi and Dilip Manathkar, Shripad and Supriya Manathkar, Sonali and Rajesh Nalamwar, Deepali and Ajay Virmalwar, Bhagyashree and Shirish Patharkar, Leena and Bharat Pampatwar, Shri. Hema and Nikhil a Amidwar , Anjali and Surykant, Shantanu and Sakshi Uttarwar, and many more music lovers has joined program.

Program comes to end at 8.30 pm and music lovers moves with euphoria of sweet songs.