Published On : Fri, Mar 27th, 2015

Kejriwal had offered to resign and hand over AAP to dissidents, confining himself to Delhi says Bhushan

69ce26b322b7e2bb1a9cee56218cf34f73a6600d20ed5d245ae4166d6549f9e0_largeA day before the AAP National Council is to meet tommorow Bhushan and Yadav have taken their grievances and their fight with Kejriwal public by holding a press conference attended for the first time by some other AAP ‘leaders’ like Anand Kumar and Mohit Sharma.

Speaking first to the press, Yadav again re iterated the five points they want implemented. Investigations into the Rs. 2 crore funding; distribution of liquor; trying to break away Congress MLAs through foul means etc.

He said what they were doing should be seen as symbolic of the “inner party democracy” within AAP – and appreciate that it could happen only in their party.

Bhushan was more candid. He said he was very dismayed that Kejriwal has refused to meet him for 11 days now . He is sending representatives to meet with them, but refusing to talk himself.

Bhushan also alleged that Arvind has declared once ” that I cannot work with any party or organization where my word is not final”.

He said Kejriwal has many virtues and good points but two fatal flaws. He is autocratic. He feels means justify ends and no one should question his means.

Even Indira Gandhi must have thought she was acting in the country’s interest while declaring Emergency and Modi must have thought that by suppressing and oppressing Muslims he is acting in national interest.

It was also disclosed that Arvind has offered to resign and hand over the party to the dissidents to run. “I will run Delhi with my MLAs and become a local party – you run AAP in the nation”. Was his offer which was rejected by them.

“We do not want AAP to become a regional party like BSP or Trinamool Congress. AAP is a party with a difference. It echoes people’s aspirations for clean politics ; so it is vital for transperency and inner party democracy should remain alive within.”

They have again stressed that state units should be given autonomy, RTI should be applied within AAP and all allegations looked into. Listen to the voice of volunteers.

Yadav said they had sent ‘conditional resignations’ saying we will resign from all posts if our demands are met. They made it clear that they in fact, had no intention of resigning.

Why have we two become thorns in the flesh of Delhi AAP? Why the strident demand for our removal or our resignations? Why can Kejriwal not even talk with us?

This is their main grievance it seems from the conference which seems to have been held to force Kejriwal out of his long held silence and come into battle with them openly.

They allege that lot of falsehoods are being spread and even phone calls made to confuse members of National Council which are spreading dis information about Yadav.

They want tomorrow’s National Council meet to be videotaped and shown in public; or  be thrown open for media to attend.

They fear that many “non members” of National Council will be included as ‘invitees’ and some unilateral decisions taken. If voting is held to expel them, it should be by secret ballot, they demand.

Move has been made by the duo who are now openly acknowledging that Arvind and they haven’t been seeing eye to eye since Lok Sabha elections, which were a debacle for the party .

Why they have come public with it after the party’s resounding victory is the question to ask.