Published On : Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

Kalamna cops, in a swift operation, rescue 2-year old boy toddler from borewell

In a swift and equally painstaking operation, Kalamna police on Thursday evening rescued a 2-year old boy from a 10-foot borewell situated in Ekta Nagar Slums, Bhandewadi.

The toddler, Prathamesh Gajbhiye, resident of Ekta Nagar Slums, around 6.45 pm, while playing fell into the nearby 10-foot borewell. Some residents noticed the incident and raised an alarm. Initially, the residents made efforts to pull the boy out. In the meantime, residents informed Police Control Room about the incident. Three Beat Marshals of Kalamna Police Station, who were patrolling the streets, rushed to the spot after receiving information about the tragedy. The Beat Marshals dispersed the crowd gathered near the borewell. They cordoned off the area to ensure that the boy was not hurt if any boulder rolled into the borewell.

Senior Police Inspector Sunil Bonde and his staff arrived at the spot and after assessing the overall situation, immediately summoned a JCB machine with the help of Corporator Purshottam Hazare and former Corporator Devendra Meher. Soon the JCB machine was pressed into service. The JCB operator dug up a pit parallel to the borewell to reach the boy. Within 45 minutes, Prathamesh was pulled out of the borewell. Prathamesh was rushed to a private hospital. After examining Prathamesh, doctors told police the boy was safe. Except minor bruises on a hand, there was no major injury on his body.