Published On : Tue, May 8th, 2018

Jungle trail around Nagpur

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Nagpur: Recognised as one of the greenest cities in the country, Nagpur is dotted with patches of forests and sanctuaries that make wonderful attractions for nature lovers. The city is also in close proximity to several tiger reserves including the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and the Pench Tiger Forest.

With its ample green cover, Nagpur has a quite a lot to offer a seasoned traveller. Adventure lovers can opt for treks, hikes, or even bike rides that go through jungle trails and provide the opportunity to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Here are some of the routes that take you through the adventurous jungle trails of Nagpur.

Ramtek to Chorbawli track
Located 50 km from the main city of Nagpur, this route starts from Ramtek. There is a jungle trail through the forest that is developed by the Forest Department which provides a spectacular view of the countryside and allows you to experience nature at its best. This trail is often used by trekkers and cyclists who frequent it. The route also has Khindsi backwaters which are the perfect spot for birdwatchers. The Singapore cherry farm along this trail is a popular spot for respite with bird watchers, trekkers and riders. There is also an adventure village that has been developed on this route.

Maitraban to Bore Dam
This track is perfect for beginners and takes you through the lush greenery of the countryside, the forests, the hills, and paddy fields. It begins from Maitraban which is only 25 km from Nagpur. Once you reach the dam, you also have the choice to visit the Nature interpretation centre if you love exploring all you can about nature.

Kolitmara – Dhawalpur –BoriPani – GardeoNala
This route is of moderate difficulty and is popular among cyclists. The entire trail goes through the Mansingdeo Wildlife Sanctuary, which gives you ample opportunities to get a peek at some majestic creatures in the wild. The trail is also used by trekkers as it offers one of the best routes that take you through the forest and over mountains making the whole experience one for the books. The route starts from Kolitmara which is at a distance of 80 km from Nagpur.

Ramtek to Mogarkasa
Located only 50 km from Nagpur, Ramtek is the starting point of this naturally abundant trail. You can also witness historic relics on this route like the Jain Temple which is in Mogarkasa. As you begin your journey on the trail, you will witness the serene countryside, the beautiful greenery of the forest area and more. Bikers and trekkers can also visit the Ramtek Fort which has remains that speak volumes about the history of the region. There are also several temples in the region around the fort. Further, into the trail, you will see local markets, more green forests and some lakes and rivers as well.

Apart from these jungle trails, you can also visit the Tadoba Tiger Reserve and the Pench Tiger Forest, which are at a distance of 130 km and 60 km respectively from Nagpur. Both these places have been developed to be sanctuaries for tigers in an attempt to protect the dwindling population of the majestic creatures.

A visit to Nagpur warrants a visit to these stunning places that go through forests and nature. If you are visiting from Bhopal, you can easily avail the Bhopal car rental service to reach the destination by road. From here you can begin your trek or cycle along the routes.