Published On : Mon, Jul 8th, 2019

Jiyanshi, a Brainiac kid with super natural talent

Jiyanshi Tembhurne, a Standard VI student of BVM, Civil Lines, is a level 6 student of Brainiac by Free Radical learning and a super girl in the making.

Through Brainiac, Jiayanshi has learned to identify colours, numbers and shapes with the help of just touching and smelling, can identify visiting cards, currency notes and any written text by putting eye mask and also mind to mind communicating with telepathic ability, Clairvoyance, Speed reading, Telekinesis and memory techniques to even remember 100 words just by reading once. The talent is not less than any super power or phenomenal prowess.

Jiyanshi has been a part of Brainiac programme for past 2 years. This programme is a brain enhancement programme for the age of 5 to 15 years, which has an objective to increase the brain power predominantly the right brain. In this programme, kids experience an increase in the utilization of their senses making them stronger and learn to control their state of mind. The techniques and exercises learnt in the programme also help in academic learning and exam preparation.

This is an activity based programme in which students learn Left Right brain coordination exercises, Right brain visualization exercises, Sensory memory exercises, Mind relaxation exercises, Brain gym exercises, Eye exercises, etc.

Through this, Jiyanshi has shown tremendous improvement in all aspects of life, from academics, sports to extracurricular activities as reported by her parents. This is a level 8 programme with every level having duration of 2 months.