Published On : Thu, Dec 26th, 2019

Jingle bell rings @Gondwana Club

Nagpur: As every year, this year also Gondwana Club organised ‘Christmas Bash’ for its members. City’s well known businessmen, politicians and other prominent personalities graced the occasion and cherished the moment.

The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of Gondwana Club indicated the onset of Christmas Eve.The lawn was beautifully decorated with vivid balloons, flowers, jingle bells, and a huge white Christmas Tree. And the most wanted person of the party, ‘Santa Claus,’ was also spotted shaking his hand and distributing chocolates to the kids.

Saket Daga

While the gorgeous ladies graced the occasion with their fancy outfit including gowns, one piece and suits, the men preferred to be casual in T-shirts and shirts to enjoy the bash to the fullest. It has been clearely observed that no one were back to match the theme of Red and White.

Lots of food stalls, cocktail stalls and kids zone added flavour to the yearly party. Children were busy in playing games and enjoying the moment.

The overall party was hot red and everyone had mouth watering lunch with non-vegetarian dishes and some Christmas specialties.

Priyanka Patodia & Kirti Singhania

Priyanka Jaiswal and Neetu Arora

Priyanka & Jatin Kale

Payal & Amit Buddhraja

Parth Majumdar

Niharika Vali,Farheen Rana & Sneha Parikh

Niharika Sawlani & Ritu Kukreja

Monica & Ritesh Jain

Megha & Tarun Mohta

Manisha Grover & Ritu Singhania

Kanchan Chandrayan

Juhi Kshatriya,Roohi & Karan Kale

Jaee,Samar,Ruhee & Abhishek Jog

Gunesh & Suchita Deshpande

Devyani & Ram Khushlani

Devika,Smita & Disha Wanjari

Chanchal & Prashant Vaidya

Ashish Khemuka & Jatin Tarkunde

Amit & Sneha Parikh

Vijay,Nilay & Manisha Verma

Swati Banerjee

Shivani & Manjusha Joshi

Shivangi & Venkatesh Buty

Shekhar Kharabe

Ravindra & Pinky Chari

Ram Khushlani & Parth Majumdar

Rahul Soni & Punit Grover

Rahul Sharma,Sourabh Rai & Saurav Agrawal

– Farhan Kazi
– Pics By Rajesh Bansod