Published On : Wed, Jan 7th, 2015

Jeweller robbed of booty worth Rs 8.56 lakh

Nagpur: A routine purchasing of medicines has proved costly for a jeweller as some bag lifters relieved him of cash and gold and diamond ornaments collectively worth Rs 8,56,000 on Tuesday night. Cops have launched a search for the unidentified accused.

The victim Rohit Ravishankar Kashyap (32), resident of Lalganj, Mehendibagh Road, closed his jewellery shop around 8.30 pm on Tuesday and was returning home. Rohit along with him carried cash Rs 8,500 and gold and diamond jewellery collectively worth Rs 8,56,000. He kept the booty in the dickey of his Activa (MH-49/S 5231). While returning home from Nikalas Mandir, Rohit stopped at two medical stores for purchasing medicines on the way. However, when Rohit reached home and opened the dickey of Activa he was shocked to find the valuable booty missing. The cash and gold and diamond jewellery was stolen when Rohit stopped at medical stores. He immediately rushed to Lakadganj Police Station and lodged a complaint in this regard.

Lakadganj API Waghmare has registered an offence against the unidentified burglars under Section 379 of the IPC and searching for them.