Published On : Sat, Feb 22nd, 2020

Eternal Bliss art exhibition inagurated atJehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Mumbai: Technology, Sociology, Psychology, Politics, Philosophy and Spirituality, only to mention a few, are the dimensions of thought that emerged from an art show at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, this week. A group show organised by budding artists and promoted by an Artificial Intelligence Start-up was one of a kind experience for all attendees at the opening ceremony of ‘Eternal Bliss’. The art show inaugurated by renowned film-maker & philanthropist Shri Prakash Jha, graced by other film makers, psychologists, social workers and other professionals, stole the hearts of every walk-in there after.

The paintings, sculptures, portraits, and thought provoking abstract art portrayed a sense of diversity and depth of thought provoking. Meaning of the world around and inclusiveness was the theme that was loud and clear.

The Jehangir Art Gallery has featured art works of some of the most eminent artists of the country, such as Jitish Kallat, Krishnamchari Bose, and many more. The art gallery regularly features artwork of budding and renowned artists in the form of group and solo shows.

Jehangir Art Gallery has seven galleries that features an art show in each gallery every week throughout the year with a waiting period of 5 to 7 years. This is usually an opportunity of lifetime for any artist to have their work featured at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Eternal Bliss truly displayed the zeal by making the most from it.

While art is the expressionism of sentiment, this particular show was an expression of deep observation of the social condition. Featuring artists coming all the way from Jammu, Hyderabad and other diverse parts of the nation, the art show brought with it, socio-political issues from around the country. The artists, not only, sowed a seed of hope encouraging a deep dive into the various problems but also lent a unique perspective to look at it to see the brighter way to deal with the problems, internally.

Living a binary life as full time artists and supporters of their family with their demanding jobs, the artists came together, this week, for their one true passion, ART.

In a particularly captivating piece of art, one of the artists, Sanghpal Chawhan, showed the social condition, where we come across societal issues, but pretend to ignore them for comfort, leaving us eternally in a socially-psychological loop of internal struggle. From the depth and details of the fine pen-on-paper, this work of art swayed the visitors.

A promising artificial intelligence startup, ManCorp Innovation Labs, also took the opportunity of giving back to the society and bringing awareness by promoting the art form that resonated with its core value, Social Psychology and Social Justice. This goes to show how limitless, sources of inspiration can be, for anyone who truly wants to contribute and make a statement.

To anyone who questioned about why a Deep-Tech company would promote an art show, the startup creatively answered this by giving away post cards saying, “Art and Science are mere two different means of expressing the same truth”, signifying a one-of-a-kind partnership.

Romance for idealism is an understatement for both the art and the promoters. The art show opened doors for a short preview on 18th February 2020, and is open for visitors and buyers from around the world until the 24th of February 2020.

Featured Artists:
Sanghpal Chawhan
Brij Pal Anand
Venu Madhav Vodnala
Vikas Dogra
Amit Singh Slathia
Neena Bidikar