Published On : Mon, Jan 25th, 2016

JCB machine hits SNDL cables, disrupt power supply to many areas

JCB machine hits SNDL cablesNagpur: The haphazard working style of private infrastructure firms resulted in power consumers suffer untold misery in some parts of the areas. The power supply got disrupted owing to cables getting dismantled after suffering a hit from JCB machine deployed by a construction company.

Around 10 am on January 24, 2016, a JCB machine belonging to the RPS Construction Company hit the major underground cable supplying Wadi feeder from Gorewada substation. The JCB was being used for the road widening work allotted by the PWD to the said company. Immediately after the JCB hit the cable and dismantled it beyond point of repair, the SNDL office received information about the fault.

The location of this fault was informed as Ring Road, Opp Metro Plaza. SNDL teams immediately rushed to the spot and identified the concern as a critical one. As was necessary, teams were deployed to take care of multiple issues arising out of this breakdown. A complaint was also lodged at the nearby Gittikhadan Police Station.

The SNDL team found that more than 40 transformers from Gittikhadan, Gorewada, Katol Road and nearby areas were not receiving supply due to this breakdown, which meant more than 3000 consumers were left without power supply. After more than 8 hours of well-coordinated efforts by SNDL teams, the supply could be restored at around 5 pm onwards after charging the replaced underground cable.